When can we expect new skins at the store


Title is self explanatory

I cant play this game without new skins

Was wondering the same thing myself.

Is the team that designs skins working on adaptions or another project right now? @Shaners


I want more skins so I can fantasize about them lol


NightHunter skin for T4!


Yes, glowing robot arm for to Torvald!


Glowing Gobi!!!


Glowing healing bug!


Glowing everything!


I feel glowy


Why do skins cost three dollars.


I dunno

10 dunno


Because basically everything else is free.


Theres no Sunny skin for us to buy :confused:. Same for Emet, but then again he is the newest DLC to the game.


Emet does have the valkkryre skin to buy


Really? I don’t see that…


Oh it’s there. I have it. Look at the Xbox store


They are purely cosmetic. The team needs something to make them profit, adaptions are free, maps, updates and challenge skins are free, skins are the simplest, least game-impacting thing they can sell.
Plus the DLC characters, but they are priced pretty fairly. Skin prices may seem steep, but compared to many online games (I’m looking at you Heroes of the Storm, LoL) the skins are VERY cheap. HotS charges upwards of $20 for legendary skins if my memory isn’t failing me.


That skin is delayed until next TU, some issues on TRS’ part


What skin. If u mean valkrey for emet, I literally have it


Yep, Victory skin is the one that was delayed. The white and gold one.