When can we expect new patch


Looking forward to the elite wildlife getting fixed. As I play monster 80% of the time I know how strong and unfair these buffs are ATM just looking for more balance to make it a bit more even. I haven’t loss in weeks :blush: . If anyone know what else might be implemented into the next patch please let us know as all I heard so far is buff nerfs and maybe working on kraken cc bugs .


Coming around November this year



@PipeDreamsMLG Chris said they were hoping to get another micropatch out this week. No idea on the next code update.


I hope so that would be sweet . Everyday I jump on hoping to get a update. Thanks @TheMountainThatRoars . Fingers crossed by Friday we get it .


Hopefully a micropatch this week, I think we’re still about 4-5 weeks away from a major patch though.


i think the next big patch will be on the 30th, but thats me


u might be unto something considering the new maps are coming to pc and ps4 on the 30th


heard the micro patch may make it to late this week.


so we can expect them to show it on the friday livestream ? or will it be something completely different ?


Well maps come on the 30th right? Presumably big patch with that.