When can we expect 2K to stop supporting online mode?


Just like 2K has shutdown NBA 2K14 after (only) 16 months. How long can we expect 2K to keep supporting multiplayer mode for Evolve?

edit: updated info


@MacMan Please tell me you’ll just let Evolve live on forever. :smiley:


Sports games outdate very quickly as they release a new one with each new season so it’s not really a comparison worth making in my opinion :smile:


Sports games typically only have a one year life-cycle as a nature of the beast. An employee at a gamestop once told me that the sports games live for about a year and then are worth NOTHING… they don’t even trade-in well. So it doesn’t surprise me that they would stop supporting multiplayer if there’s no player base for it.

There is still multiplayer on L4D AND L4D2… So I suspect that we’ll see evolve going for a while, so long as there’s enough players to keep it going.


Evolve doesn’t even run on dedicated servers so this BS should run forever


Nothing but doom and gloom on this forum anymore. Think I’m going to log off and never come back.


Cheer up with: Peaceful Endings?


As somebody who plays FIFA, I never touch the previous game after a new one comes out as it’s just simply outdated and nobody plays in online, so unless an ‘evolve 2’ comes out, which I can’t see in any near future, as there is no need, I doubt that the online servers will be closed :smiles:


Apologies wasn’t meant to be a reply to your post


Once money will stop getting in 2k pocket they will make Evolve a F2P with microtransactions. The niche will get smaller, and the game will extinguish itself… Give it 18 months.

That said if the community grows a bit it could last for a few years… But watch out for pay2win cos it could get inside no matter what TRS tries to keep it away.


Evolve is already $40 at gamestop and in another month it’ll be closer to $20.

New players will cycle into the game, but most of them probably won’t stay long because the pro players will make it so miserable for them xD


Most 2k games drop to $39.99. I wouldn’t read too much into it.


I have a forum topic where you can buy the game+behemoth for $38… It’s already there, just not on steam.


Companies don’t really lose money by sustaining online servers; the costs are trivial compared to making changes to it. Game development costs are almost entirely front-loaded – the reason they’re shutting down NBA 2K14 is so that people buy NBA 2K15. That’s just how the genre of sports games go: a new game every year.

I don’t see TRS re-releasing Evolve every year (you never know, evolution and all), but you could argue DLC does that gradually and consequently 2K would keep the servers up until the DLC stops.


Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine.


Eh, he’s realistic. I bought my copy on eBay for $20 and gotten about all of the entertainment out of it in less than a week. There’s not much left to do besides fuck around. Every single game is a boring shut-out decided in less than 5 minutes or so.

A forfeit option might help get rid of the “oh geez we already lost might as well make a sandwich for 10 minutes” problem.


You’ve never “already lost” though. I’ve eliminated S3 full armor/health monsters in the past, and I’ve won games after getting caught do to a careless S1 mistake.


Against competent players, you can tell within 5 minutes or so how the whole match will play out. If the monster totally evades the Hunters until he hits Stage 2, it’s pretty much over unless you land a dome on him while he’s evolving.

The reason you can reliably predict the outcome isn’t simply because “getting to stage 2 without an encounter” means you win, it means the Monster is a better player than the Hunters. Clearly a much better player - he’s going to kick ass.

There ARE close games and comebacks, but they are by far the exception, rather than the rule. I’ve played about 100 games total, and I can say only 2 of them were even REMOTELY close.


Hm. Maybe I just play against a lot of competent players? Who knows.

I for one am more than competent when playing, knowing full well all of the characters arsenals and knowing how to use them effectively. I guess I just find a lot of people who are the same.


Well, I wish I could have your experience. I can confidently say that less than 2% of my games are even remotely close. Nearly every single game is a complete blow out - whether winning or lose.