When are you going to fix your game properly?

They are always working on this. They have special teams locating and fixing the bugs. However, with many of the bugs, they have to find the exact source and conditions to really patch it once and for all. It’s not easy, and they’re really trying.

The matchmaking frustrates me, too. Last I heard, they’re working on making it better, but with everything else on their plate, there might be other things that take priority.

I don’t have an answer for this, except that it may be too much extra work, they have a contract agreement, or they don’t want to treat one community better than the other. I have no idea.

It’s not completely broken. And they can’t halt content release (their source of income and some players), sit down, and fix every little bug. They have separate teams for these jobs, as well.

Since you reference DE a lot: I remember all the way at the beginning of Warframe (open beta), and for many months after, DE got bashed on repeatedly by community members telling them to stop releasing new content and fix all their bugs because their game was “broken.” They told those people what I said above: they have different teams for every job, and they can’t just stop making content and lose money/player’s interest to magically fix every bug. Discontinuing content creation would not speed up bug fixing.

Also, T4 had its issues, but it is no longer “broken.” Behemoth has a few bugs, yes, but so do the other monsters and hunters. And they aren’t things overlooked by TRS, I’m sure.

This has been an issue since day one, but someone found a solution for his colorblind fiancée. If you or someone you know has issues with the game due to colorblindness, you can refer them to this: No Colorblind Mode. Made my own

This is personal opinion. One I’m sure is shared with others, but not all.

Limited ammo would be a very bad idea for this game. I do feel like sneak needs some advantages back, but it’s one of those things that’s strong against inexperienced players and weak against knowledgeable ones, but not impossible.

Many people have said in the past that birds need to be reworked. Considering the demand over the months, you may see a chance to them in the future. TRS does listen to their players.

I would like to see different features brought into events as well, and the personal goal is a very cool idea. DE did/does make varying, fun events, but their team is bigger and Warframe is a very different game from Evolve. It has more to work with when it comes to event creation. TRS only has so much room to work with when it comes to the world of Evolve, but I’m sure we’ll see new things in the future.

Gamemodes are not created that easily, especially when it comes to this game’s style. We will see more in the future, but it takes a lot of thought, creation, testing, and balancing to make sure it fits into the game and will actually be fun for people.

The Evac suggestion is good, but I would sooner like to have seen Rescue or Nest be more fun to play.

Also, “remove the 4v1”? That’s the game’s selling point, what makes it different, the fighting style it was based around.

Some of it is out of TRS’s control. It could be your computer, graphics card, console issues, absolutely anything. Every crash is caused by different conditions, and they are hard to pinpoint to get the right fix.

TRS can not just make everything free. It takes a lot of money to create the content. Warframe is a F2P game, and its model is much different from Evolve’s. It has a crap ton of cosmetics that make a lot of money for DE, but the actual frames, mods, etc in the game are very grindy to get, so they also make money off of the pay4convenience stance and they can get away with it.

Evolve doesn’t have various items, a crafting system, keys, dungeons, and bosses to create hoops for players to jump through and spend hours farming to obtain new content. I don’t think it (or P4C) could work in this game. You would just have to many multiple matches, over and over, to get the EXP to unlock the newest Support, etc. There’s no depth to the farming.

I could be wrong. But as my point was at the beginning, TRS can’t just make everything free.

Opinion. I think a lot of players enjoy some form of progression. Perhaps it does need reworking, but in my eyes, it is fine the way it is.

When Warframe released, Digital Extremes became my favorite developers. They legitimately cared about their community, talked to them face-to-face, hosted weekly streams, and they are transparent about their creation. They aren’t being held back by another company looking over their shoulder (except when it comes to patches on console).

Then I saw how TRS treats its community and the game. It’s very similar to DE. They are as transparent as they can be, but they do have a smaller team, can’t always be around and can’t always give us a list of everything that is coming out (again, Evolve is different from Warframe). They do care and they do talk to us, though, which is very important. I’ve been a player of some awful companies, and TRS is leagues above them when it comes to caring, sharing, and community.

There are tools they can’t release that prevents them from opening up the game to modding. Also, in my opinion, modding could ruin public games. But I absolutely hate all the cheating mods or game function mods in L4D, and I don’t want to see Evolve go down that path.

In a game where you can already (and will likely experience if you PUG enough) be trolled by a mean monster or a single teammate acting out, vote-kicking and a friendly monster could be abused badly and scare players away. Again, it happened in L4D. I’d hate to see it happen here, as much as I’d like to PUG with my monster-playing friend.

TL;DR: TRS is a good company and they’re right up there with Digital Extremes for me. They really try their hardest for the size of their team. They legitimately care about the game AND its players, but they have to do not only what’s best for the people, but for the longevity of the game and their employees. It’s a balancing act, and they really do try.


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Some people seem to have a hard time with discerning the differences between “Constructive criticism” with “Being an asshole”.

Are you referring to us or Tommy?

I understand your frustration for something. But I stopped reading when you started making demands and not requests. Plus, as soon as you start using childish language (i.e. Shit and others) I immediately tune it out.

That being said, maybe you should look around the forums a bit more before you start throwing a temper tantrum. Many issues are already being looked at and corrected.

Just calm down, have some warm milk and breathe. It’s going to be ok.

We are all allowed to have our opinion and make suggestions. Just go about it the proper and grown up way.


While we appreciate feedback, the way this was done is appalling.

Be respectful and polite in your manner and you’ll get better results.