When are you going to fix your game properly?

Since nothing seems to be happening, here comes a lot of criticism and feedback for your game… I hope you actually use it if you even care about your game anymore. I really doubt that at this point.

When are you going to fix the countless bugs, exploits and problems?

When are you going to fix the shit matchmaking?!

Why won’t you balance pc and consoles separately?
Let’s face it, pc players are a lot more competitive than console players and we need separate balance.

Why are you releasing more paid broken shit while the base game is still completely broken?

When are you going to give monsters more abilities?
Hunters can do crazy combos and meanwhile monsters are stuck with 4 abilities… We need a lot more abilities to keep it fair/interesting.

Why the fuck there still are no color blind options?!
You were so concerned about “unfair advantage” with the fov settings and yet you don’t seem to care about this obvious unfair advantage.

When are you going to make hunt a better game mode?
It has no depth so we don’t feel engaged.
After you find the monster once you can’t loose it.
Either reduce hunter mobility
or give hunters limited ammo and random ammo drops (hunters get some rng just like the monster gets carrion birds all the time)
Also the carrion birds need a big overhaul. It is just a poorly done mechanic.
Random objectives could be a nice addition.

Your events need more rewards.
Add personal goals and keep the community goals as they are.
Also recoloring the same patterns constantly is so shitty.
Give us patterns that we can customize ourselves and stop selling/giving us recolors.

Special queue events would be a nice addition too.
Take a look at tactical alerts in Warframe for example. (Some mechanics are changed for those events for example.)

We need more creative gamemodes that are complex and FUN.
Less 1v4 shit.
More different amounts of players.
Less competitive shit.
Doesn’t have to be totally balanced as long as it is actually fun.
Also fix the evac by removing the stupid auto balance and randomize the next map if both teams vote different maps.

Your videos in the game take way too much space.
It is pretty sad when over half of your game files are videos that hog up space.
Yes, you can delete them but you are also forced to download them.
Even in-game models with animations would take less space…

Also the game crashes on and off. When will you fix that?

Paid characters don’t work with competitive games.
Make more skins and other cosmetic stuff and sell them. Everything related to gameplay should be free or unlock-able by actually playing the game.
Speeding things up with real money is pretty fair if done right.

The mastery system is stupid.
Do players really need rewards to keep them playing? No, skill is the reward in most competitive games. The elite skins should be kept, the skill/weapon buffs should be deleted and the mastery system should be reworked.

I want to see more transparent development. Obviously this wont happen since you don’t have anything to show but I will list it anyways.
Again take a look at Warframe. For example: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/3b8zpu/warframe_devstream_55_gfys/

We need mods, still.
We need a server browser with custom game integration so we can actually fill our custom lobbies.
We need dedicated servers.

Why we still can’t play as monster with friends?
You can’t anyways avoid trolling on the internet why is this an issue suddenly? Leaving the game is too hard for somebody?

You need to learn to hotfix your god damn game.
Waiting 2 weeks to apply a small fix for pc is way too much time wasted.

Also related video to end my post.


Saying the devs don’t care about their game is not the best say to start a conversation.


Many statements you make should really be cleaned up a little. I get your rage and animosity towards the game right now but please don’t thrust that upon the developers this way. They welcome any and all suggestions and do care about what they created, so don’t assume that they don’t. There’s more to fixing bugs than meets the eye and also, politics with publishers etc. Don’t just start a thread with a negative title, it is very off putting immediately, and the cussing in your descriptions serve only to get people angry and riled up, not further your main points and suggestions. Your good ideas go hidden by the mire surrounding them.


Who pissed in your cereal?

I think someone needs a hug!



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I want you to take a moment and think about how this would affect TRS.

you have some good points but you should edit your thread and remove the “shit’s” because they will close your topic then.

i think TRS cares for his game because it took them a long time to create it and now everything went wrong because of terrible marketing. they probably cannot say much because of contracts.

Interesting to hear Jim’s comments at 8:20 to describe the DLC model he supports…

… yet he slammed Evolve for the same reason …

What an absolute sham-balls.


There is no need for being rude. They are doing their best to give the community what they want. They care about their community and they are doing the best they can to make this game the best they can. Saying they dont care about their own game is a lie. If you give it time they will do what they have to to improve the game. Also next time you make a thread make sure you ask nicely, no one likes a hater.
Contacting some people for their opinion on this.
@MidnightRoses @TheMountainThatRoars


Ok, I’ll bite:

  • They are already fixing the bugs and problems.

  • The matchmaking is being dealt with. Ranked mode is comming up.

  • Good question. Simplicty is my bet, but I really don’t know.

  • Skins does not affect gameplay. The new characters are not broken.

  • The monster’s will likely not get new abilities. Instead, we will get new monsters.

  • It’s being worked on.

  • What are these advantages with changing their FoV you are talking about?

  • Hunt is fine. If you want the hunter’s nerfed without giving a spesefic reason, you are doing something wrong.

  • Carrion birds do need a re-work, but so does sneak. Way to easy to sneak if you exclude carrion birds.

  • The events are fine, they are infact a luxery.

  • Paid characters are just fine in comp.

  • The mastery system works just fine.

  • Modding support is not possible because licensing reasons.

  • And at last, why are you advertising for Jim Sterling? The video is not even relevant at all.


@SledgePainter commented above. :wink:

But thanks for looking out.

he is asking WHEN the new matchmaking is coming. and there is no information about this which is pretty sad because the gameplay suffers so much because of it. it would be nice if TRS could give us more information about the timetable… is it coming next week? next month?

i don’t get why people don’t see it hurts this game so much that 2k and TRS are not answering to certain questions.

I feel like im blind now. :b

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Maybe because they aren’t prepared to?


My life in a nutshell

Genuine question, what does it change whether you know this information or not?

i’m not gonna even try to spend my time for you.

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Well for me it makes it feel less ‘unknown’ if you catch my drift. I know TRS is hard at work so I don’t really mind :slight_smile:

When they find out what is causing the problem and then they will release it in the next patch.

Don’t know what matchmaking you’re using but it works fine for everyone else.

No, they really don’t. Saying Torvald needs the OP mortars on console but not PC would be b.s. It would be unfair to balance separately and that is how they are doing it. Fairly.

Firstly, what is this “paid broken shit” you’re talking about? Last time I checked everything that is paid DLC works fine, except for possibly Behemoth but he has a lot going on. Secondly, how the f$#k is the “base game […] completely broken”. There may be a lot of bugs but they’re all very minor most of the time and the major glitches are few and far between.

All Monsters get four abilities with three points in each. Do the math, that’s about 81 different combinations, give or take, and with the four current Monsters that’s about 324 different combinations, if my math proves me right (I’ve never been good at math).

Incorrect. Just proved you wrong.

Takes a lot of work to allow players to change virtually every color in the game. Give them time, calm your jimmies.

Ever heard the saying:
"Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one."
This however, is not a shared opinion between us.

This is the only thing I can agree on.

Give an example of what more they can add besides skins for events.

That would require an ungodly amount of coding.

I don’t mind, nor does most of the community I think, actually the only recolor that was made was the “Frostbite Goliath” skin which happens to be one of the favorites among the community.

I don’t want Evolve to resort to ripping off other games.


Problem with your computer, or Xbox One, or PS4, never happens with me.

Apparently they do.

Already is, everything that effects gameplay is free.

What is purchasable that “speeds things up”.

No one keeps playing for the Elite skins exclusively.

Ummm. No.

Attacking the developers won’t get you anywhere in your rant.


Make friends, but with your attitude towards this game that seems hard.

This exists.

They won’t make hotfixes for a thousand small tiny bugs they’ll make patches to get rid of small ones and large ones alike.