When are we going to get the big alpha codes


I am wondering when we get it plz tell me


We don’t know a time other than, before Oct. 30th. So sometime between now and then.


29-30th you’ll get a mail.


Just want to point out that this isn’t confirmed, but emails will be sent nearer to Halloween :slight_smile:


Most likely not this week but who knows :slight_smile:


Didn’t they also mention that it would be pre-loadable, or did I dream that?
Anyway… if it is, I’d guess they’ll get the codes out 1-3 days before it kicks off.


Ok thanks :grinning:


Jess had mentioned she would look into the pre-loading stuff but it wasn’t a 100% sure thing at the time.

As for emails for acceptance, as of now nothing has been stated yet on definite dates you should be receiving any emails for the Alpha.

I’d suspect any emails will come sometime around this weekend or by next :wink:


Actually they said they will allow us to preload.So that means we should get the mails sooner than 30.


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