When are we going to get some new content for monsters?


Hunters keep getting new content (skins, adaptions and even hunter only maps now ?) and the last thing monster players got was Elder Kraken which was like 6(?) months ago ? It is really frustrating to see all this new things coming and non of them actually gives monsters anything new except a new comp to learn how to fight against. Not even new skins… I get that there is a 4/1 ratio but we are here too you know ? All alone just like in the hunt. No one helps the monster :confused: I know Behemoth and Wraith adaptions are coming but considering the countless hunter adaptions (and even more are coming for some reason) monsters only have 2 adaptions. And lets face it MG was the first Adaption so looking at the things we have right know like renegabe, he is pretty simple and same as OG other than visual effects. I keep asking these questions in twitch chat while the stream is on but no one is answering. I mean even Bob is not available. Atleast tell us when are we getting the new adaptions. September ? November ? Or do we have to wait even more ? And is it going to be same bullsh*t like oh we gave you a new monster adaption wait 7 months while we release all these new content that doesn’t give you anything new (-_-). Also are we only getting adaptions and nothing else ?


It takes a lot of time and money to create a brand new monster or even a monster adaptation. Sometimes you just gotta be patient on TRS. They aren’t the largest dev group ever.


Considering all the content we have and knowing that they’re split between two games, that’s pretty damn amazing!


Well we got Meaty then 4 hunters. Then we got Kelder and Paladin Parnell is going to be the 4th hunter since. We might get a monster adaptation next.

Considering the previous rate of character releases then giving us 3 over 5 weeks is absurd, be happy with how quickly they managed to do that. If nothing else that’s 3 hunters who are no longer on the adaptation list.


Phantom Wraith and Behemoth’s adaptation will be available in the near future.


Check the trello board. Wraith and Behemoth Adaptation have been on there for a while now.


Would insidious Gordon be a cool adaptation name?


You know what’s even more frustrating for some players?
Watching all of these new things come to PC only. Just think about that.


It sucks how monsters havent got new content yet. Sad thing is if all the monster players leave because were bored as fuck hunter players will have to eather switch to monster or reque all day because no one wants to play monster lol.
there should be some new content coming out soon hopefully :slight_smile: I havent played in like a week now though i have 6 lvl 40 monsters and no idea what the fuck to do with them now.


Six months and six days.