When are we going to get more codes?!?


Continuing the discussion from Big Alpha Code Giveaways:

Continuing the discussion from Big Alpha Code Giveaways:

It seems like since September 1st, Evolve has been posting codes every day for Alpha. I also noticed that they stopped giving codes after 3 days on the forums. Evolve looks extremely fun, and I want to be able to play it ASAP. I’ve waited for more codes on Facebook and Twitter to appear…but I haven’t seen any post regarding the new codes. If you work for Turtle Rock Studios, or know anything about the codes, can you please tell me whether there is not going to be any more codes, or when your going to post the next batch of codes.


Think if you’re active you’ll be receiving one? :wink:


They will make another method of giving out codes, they want A LOT of people playing the alpha!


Well they said that its called BIG alpha for a reason.Most likely everyone who tried will get a code.You just have to wait and be patient.Also not giving codes like that in daily basis while previous things said Alpha is going to be more than 1-2 months away so you dont need to worry about it in this time.

Inb4 closed thread :smiley:


I believe it will be the way Battlefield Hardline was. Get lots of people to get hands on the game and get response from them. It’s great experience for the developers and I hope that’s gonna be their touch for the Alpha.


Actually i liked what bf:hardline did.They showed the game and at the end of it they said to the people go sign up alpha(or beta dont remember what it was) begins.





Hardline also required keys. I know a ton of people who were willing to give that game a chance to see if it’s better than the previous 2 installments. All of them gave up on trying to get keys. Since we don’t get demos anymore a lot of purchasing decisions are now made on game tests. I don’t know of any friend willing to risk preordering Hardline after being burned in the past. Not preordering also means missing out on bonus content so buying the vanilla game post release seems like a ripoff. Honestly, if someone had invited me to try it in a test I probably would have because cops vs robbers is awesome. Getting over anti-EA stigma is another matter entirely. Scarcity of codes made sure that didn’t happen. No code = missed opportunity.

Hopefully we won’t see more big alpha codes for Evolve. Hopefully they’ll drop the code idea and use some sort of referral ID instead. I think that would make things better. Codes get under peoples’ skin real easily. Gamers are competitive and not fond of losing out. TRS did indicate they’re working on other ways to distribute codes and the real push hasn’t started.


Hey! So For the whole code situation I’m pretty sure @SlabOMeat is giving out codes to regular users on the forums who don’t have them yet. Also I got a DM (twitter) from him earlier today with a special surprise! (It was a code) So there still distributing codes. Just in different ways


Hopefully they will keep giving them out,l i’ve been trying non-stop for a few days now trying to get a code, i haven’t been lucky enough to get a code, or check the post fast enough for recent codes posted. Maybe i’ll get lucky. :confused:


I think your right. Once I was active for a bit, as in liked some stuff and posted this topic, I got a message from him with a working code in the message. I’m not gonna complain though because that is awesome! I hope you guys get a code and are accepted into alpha! :smiley:


They required keys, but after few days opened to every PC user.


I’m just here waiting for codes to show up, but everytime I come it is always too late xD
Always next time or wait till the release xD


I didn’t believe you so I went and looked it up. You are correct. I had no idea since I didn’t keep up with it.

I have 3 friends online at the moment who more were interested in the game. Giving up after trying to get a code, “Twitter is for family and friends”, and “I will be a grandmother before I unlock all the content I paid for” were their responses. I will never understand how this franchise got so screwed up after the awesomeness that was BF1942 and BF2. :frowning:


Will previous alpha testers be invited to the Alpha? or do we have to hunt for codes against the bots like everyone else?


Don’t believe previous Alpha testers will be invited to this one, unless they have entered the new codes.


give me code plz i really wanna play it plzzzzzz


No begging mate. Your time will come too! :smiley:


So uh, dem codes? :stuck_out_tongue: