When are they gonna nerf the Sim/Hank or Slim/Sunny combo?

OK something has to be done with the slim crutch cause right now a medic that can outheal you when you are hitting 90% of your abilities as the gorgon or any other monster, is just unfair for monster, if the slim is even only DECENT and you focus the support say RIP to at least 1bar of health cause that is how long it will take to get that 1 strike on a hunter even at stage 2. something has to be done about slim he is way OP

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Please stop using capslock. No one is going to take you seriously with this title.

I personally think slim isnt op. I think he is Papa with less healing but more AOE healing. ^^

Im a monster main


if you can land 90%of your abilities, I would suggest you try to land them faster so you have time to add some melee in between

I changed the title.

all caps doesn’t make the statement more right or more important


that is landing them as fast as they get off cooldown except for spider I wait till the last spider is dead of not of use before I put a new one down, I am on top of who ever I focus as much as I can yet he can still pretty much outheal me cause he has nothing stopping him from getting his 2-3healbursts PER CLIP off

I thought you were using Goliath, as a hunter main I could only suggest spider trap slim could bring him problems as long as it’s not a premade, Gorgon is pretty weak against premade anyway

Honestly, Slim cant out-heal any monster damage from 2-3 healburst per clip and Gorgon is one of the easiest monster to out-damage Slim cuz Mimic’s acid burn can negate 3 Slim’s healburst
But if u had problem to land Mimic on hunters, try use Spider Trap before using Mimic, b’cuz it really hard for hunters to clear both ST and Mimic at the same time

If TRS decide to nerf Slim more, we gonna have only Paladin Parnell that still ‘being’ a medic class in this game


Personally, I would trade a health bar for a strike any day. When a hunter gains strikes or permanent injuries, they become easier to kill in future engagements, especially as you stage up. But when you loose health as the monster, you don’t die more easily or do less damage, you are just closer to death.

Think of it like this, I spend a health bar to get a strike on the support or medic now, then I evolve and strike again, but only loose half a bar because they are easier to kill. Then to finish them off, I barely take any health damage.

Slim is weakest against gorgon.
As long as you keep moving/traversing while using abilities, + hide when using mimic, its very difficult for slim to get hits on you. Gorgon is one of the slimmest monsters in game.

Uhh… so… you get one strike losing only one health bar… and say its OP?? So, what would you consider balanced? Four strikes for half bar?? Just curious…

sorry but if you lose around 2 or maybe even 3 health bars for a strike on medic or support (depends on the monster) that would then be considered an even trade in my eyes and any another pro players eyes. one bar for a strike is an extremely good trade for the monster. just saying

yet if you read mimics description, if you take any damage while mimic is active it will explode and do NO damage so that’s not useful and why I don’t use it

that is DURING stage 3 is what I am meaning not stage 1 maybe if your lucky stage 2 and I mean 1 bar MINIMUM up to 2 then your like I gotta go before I take to much dmg with the hunter maybe be a sliver

Have you ever tried using mimic?

a little didn’t seem that viable

Slim isn’t OP. Most monsters just suck. Especially Behemoth.

Its useful, any pro gorgon always maxed it out in every tourney



Did you see below my name that im a 'colonist’
New Evlove player always make me laugh in their pride.
Ok, listen to me… I play this game for 600+ hours and my main monster is Gorgon, but too bad im live in South East Asia so most people in this forums wont acknowledge my existence.

Try bring damage resistance perks, it well help your Mimic survive longer before it deactivate by taking damage on Gorgon.

Nah, you are just bad… stop complaining about things you have no idea about


yet I have over a 2.5 W/L ratio, please sir tell me how I am bad