When are there going to be skins for slim?


Every other T4 Hunter got a Predator skin, but slim. Why is that? Already got the elite skin for him, but I’m not really enjoying that elite look as much anymore. I play on the Ps4.


Slim did get a pred skin tho…


Console? Not on PC.


Yeah, on the Ps4. Forgot to mention that.


Ohhhh they may not have been released yet…I mean, IGNORE ME, IM JUST A CRAZY OLD CRAB


Wait, assaults and supports have predator skin ?


Console apparently.


Could you send a pic?


I play PC, not console.

@Quirkly you on console and able to do it?


Im on PC ^-^
Ill see if i can find the thread i saw em on


Predator skin is part of the Trapper. Skins haven’t been released for any T4 Hunters aside Crow.






They came up on another thread, I just linked the info over here.
I have no idea, all I know; is apparently there are steam screenshots of it.
Credit to Aliens218 though, linked his steam profile.


Aww you stole my thunder -.-


Well, you’re on PC… Someone had to link them.


thanks for that these look really cool, i cant wait for them either. i was getting the vibe that everyone had them already and i didnt know how anyone got them.


The only one that isn’t available on PS4 right now is Slim’s, he doesn’t have any alternate skins eccept for his Elite on PS4.


I got all but Slim’s :trapper: :support: :assault:


PC doesn’t have any of them it would seem. ^.-