When a team SHOULD Rage or Why I Love this Game


NOTE This is just a fun post, I am not a great player and certainly not saying anything is OP or not.

Normally when I am the monster the game goes 1 of 3 ways.
A - I get caught stage 1 and crushed!
B - I get full armor stage 2 without seeing trace of hunters, then stomp them quickly when I engage
C - On the rare occasions A or B don’t happen and I make it to S3, I win/lose a close one. (These are my favs win or lose)

That’s been it. Well - Finally got a A + B = and man, the rage of the team on the mics after!
Picture here is worth 1,000 words - notice my stats at the 3:19 mark. Then notice the tend game time: 6:52.