When a hunter picks up a perk, do all hunters get it?


When a hunter picks up a perk, do all hunters get it, does the perk go away after one player gets it, or does every player have to pick up the same perk individually?


No, you have to pick them manually.


That’s not how I’ve seen. In the gameplay guy was pointing his indicator to his teammates so they could have known that animal has died and could retrieve the perk.

If perk was bound to team it would be stupid. What if you want the perk you have at the moment and not one which is dropped?

Answer is still NO! :stuck_out_tongue:


Incorrect. When an elite creature dead, killed by either the Hunter or the Monster, the Hunters must all individually pick up the perk from the creature by walking up to the corpse and pushing the corresponding button.

While every player can get the perk, you have to pick it up individually.
The Monster has to eat the corpse to gain the buff.


Just as I said :stuck_out_tongue:


At least in the alpha, all hunters could pick up the perk off of a killed elite, but if they didn’t grab it, they didn’t get it. So every hunter must stop and pick it up to have it’s effects, but all of them can so it’s not a race to the corpse :stuck_out_tongue:


No they dont


Ah thanks for clearing that up for me! :thumbsup:


It could be different for the next Alpha though, but that is how it was in the first Alpha we had. In the leaked video, you could see everyone picking up the perk and then the guy playing slowly walking over to and picking it up.

So I assume I won’t get in trouble talking about it when it’s already out there!


Ah I see, I wasn’t in the previous Alpha so I didn’t know about it, but at least that makes sense!


Don’t believe they will be changing it. This system works great. What if I don’t want to use the new perk my teammate took and instead I’d love sticking the one I have currently? That’s why this system is better than having one guy to pick for whole team.


That is actually not true. Every person on the team has to go over and pick it up.


Yes, I know, I was already corrected further on down, thank you! :smile:


Has anyone told you that you were wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he was wrong, wasn’t he?


Thanks everyone, but one more question, is it possible for a hunter to get a perk from an animal that the monster killed, and/or is it possible for the monster to get a perk from an animal that the hunter have killed?


Yes it is, so you can find the elite tyrant and kill it while the monster is stage one so he can’t make use of it :stuck_out_tongue: