When a hunter dies, will they still have a chance?


With all the focus on extremely specialized roles from the hunters and how if they deviate from their roles they will really be hurting their chances, I’m wondering just how much of a chance they will have should the monster manage to kill one of them. For that matter, what about two dead? Or maybe this is a non issue because if one is going down it means the monster is pretty much taking them all out?


This question was covered in one of the video interviews i believe check them out :3



Thanks for posting thr link combocookie :3


Well it will take about two minutes after a player dies to respawn again! So naturally if the Monster can take out another player while one is already dead in the span of two minutes, that could be a massive hindrance and especially with three dead!

I would say there’s a VERY slim chance that the entire team would have a chance with two dead, or three for that matter!

For further reference, there is a game details thread here so feel free to check that and/or add other details would be also a huge help! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow, I didn’t know we could put threads INSIDE of threads! That’s awesome! :metal:


Hunters still have a chance so long as 1 is alive. Granted, the fewer hunters alive means the chance significantly drops, but it’s still a chance. We see games quite often where Hunters win when they had a teammate killed.


thats very interesting to know :o so it means that it might be a kind of a trap for teh monster to think he could kill 1 or 2 and then the rest but instead luring him to think that Xd hmmm i must remember this when playing monster 8—3


So what if the Goliath player suddenly leaves the game? Will the monster become a bot, or do the players return to the lobby? Just thinking…


That’s a very good question. Hopefully it becomes a bot, same applies for the Hunters too!


actually i was wondering about this thing today myself too i just thought that there would be atleast a rejoin time/pause for a brief time for the player to join back and or for another player to join to continue as the monster but this could be troublesome it could just be a bot which could be easy to kill but yeahh Xd


One of the previews I read said some players routinely won games as a level 1 monster because they struck when there was a player missing. It makes even more sense to attack quickly especially if they are going to respawn in a couple minutes.


yes i also saw that preview and that fact is noted and in my mind :wink: if people wont co-op i will be there to PUNISH!