Whelp nothing special on that stream

Not hating on evolve at all I was wrong with my predictions about the hunter adaptations unless I missed something. I don’t no, I wished there was a trailer for that :pensive::pensive:

Bro…Kraken will be beatable now. That’s awesome news. I understand that everyone was wanting release dates and what not but this makes me pretty happy!

We will let you know when something is going to be revealed in a stream… we’ve said this many times :stuck_out_tongue:


kraken was always beatable…ive killed countless kraken players…i still dont get this “op kraken” as i have never been in a game where it felt unjust


Why do I always remember about the stream when it’s over. :hushed:

I’m watching a replay right now, but could someone summarize the changes discussed?

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…ok goodbye…i am obviously being understimated … begins furiously playing evolve


These changes were discussed during one of the official livestreams and may still be in testing, so they are subject to change as TRS sees fit.

Hunter Changes
•Reload Perk being raised to 30% and will no longer work on class abilities.
•Trapper’s Dome cooldown being increased to 70 seconds.
•Griffin’s Harpoon Gun will have twice the pull down on Kraken.
•Jack’s Repulsor arcing being improved to more easily push a Kraken to the ground.
•Markov’s Lightning Gun must be re-aimed on Banshee Mines to destroy them, rather than it chaining from Kraken to the Mines as soon as they are deployed.
•Hank Orbital Barrage duration being reduced from 5.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds.
•Val’s Heal Burst cooldown being reduced to compensate for reload perk changes.
•Val’s Medgun heal rate is being raised 10%.
•Lazarus’s Glove cooldown being raised from 12 seconds to 15 seconds.
•Lazarus’s Heal Burst cooldown being reduced to 12 seconds.
•Time before Hunter bodies decay being reduced from 45 seconds to 35 seconds.
•Incapacitated Hunter health being raised from 3,000 to 3,500.

Monster Changes
•Aftershock radius being reduced.
•Lightning Strike charge duration being reduced from 2.1 seconds to 1.65 seconds.
•Banshee Mines invulnerability time being increased.
•Banshee Mine amount will change per rank (1 mine at Rank 1; 2 mines at Rank 2; and 3 mines at Rank 3).
•Banshee Mines cooldown reduction for each mine (7 seconds at Rank 1; 6 seconds at Rank 2; and 5 seconds at Rank 3). --CD is per mine!–
•Buffs to Goliath’s skill utility as skills are ranked up.◦Macman/Chris Ashton described this as if you put 2 points into a skill, you’ll bump its utility (which could be speed, radius, or duration, depending on the skill) by 25%. If you put 3 points into that skill, the utility is raised another 35~45%, to end up at an approximate 65% difference between a rank 1 and rank 3 skill.

•Fire Breath duration being halved, but damage being boosted to compensate.


There was plenty on that stream that convinced me to extend my break, that’s for sure.

Well, at least I’ll have MGO to get into early next month.

Awesome! Thank you! :smiley:

LoL If you’re not frustrated with how cheesy Kraken was to play against then you haven’t played against high lvl krakens. It’s just the fact of Evolve life :smile:

Why again?..The game is great.

Alright when will the hunter adaptations be revealed next stream?

We will tell you before it is… until then, “Soon”


Soon was a while ago, not trying to be hurtful or disrespectful I’m just impatient when it comes to new content that’s all

The definition of balance is slowly inching its way towards “buff one side, nerf the other” that’s not balance. This is the start of a slippery slope, I’m just waiting to see how far things end up slipping now.

I loved the stream. TRS is amazing at telling what they are thinking and why. Everyone seems to see the delay in tier 5 as a negative thing, but it’s not like that at all if you just stop to think about it. The delay means that TRS can keep making more fixes and balance changes to make this game even better, while developing new content. A game developer can’t afford to keep working on a game they aren’t making DLC for or monetizing in some way, and this means that at least until March we can expect the game to be support and improved. This game is a herculean effort in terms of game balance, and I am personally very happy that it’s going to get this much attention and care until TRS moves on to other things.

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Why would you assume they’d announce something in a stream? They always let us k ow when an announcement is coming.

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Soon. Just relax and enjoy the game.

Idk figured they would I only watch the stream when they announce something or reveal something to be honest

No…even t high lvl he was still pretty beatable…It’s been done before…countless times.

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