What's your Spirit Evolvimal?


Maddcow - I like to think I’m slow even though I post on literally every thread before anyone else can even read it! Also I like to think I’m a squid or some other animal that isn’t a cow. U mad, bro? Cuz I am!

Goliath - I’m big. I’m strong. I pack a punch and eat hunters for lunch.

Kraken - Wise, but fierce. Smart and cautious.

Wraith - OPOPOP (kidding). Shy and not much of a people person. Quick to anger but fast to run when I realize I’m in over my head.

Armadon - I’ve got a thick shell and I’m pretty slow-moving. I also really love nature.

Blitzleopard - Fast to act and I love company, but am just as fierce on my own. I’m pretty hot-blooded if I sense someone threatening me.

Cephalodon - I love swimming and all things having to do with the water. I’m not cowardly but I also don’t start fights. Groups, solo, I’m just a lover of all things. Also, I’ll eat your face.


Canyon Strider/Marsh Strider - I hate confrontation and have just one best friend or a couple close friends. We always stick together but we’re also pretty diverse.

Dune Beetle - I hate everything… I’m pretty mean, honestly, and I never let go of a grudge.

Glaciopod - Poop. Poo poo poop poop. Plz don’t kill me.

Mammoth Bird - I’m… pretty average. Got friends, got family, just got a normal life, really. I’m easily intimidated by others and will pretend to be nice… but I will backstab you any time you leave yourself open.

Megamouth - I’m always hungry for something and love just lazing about. Don’t get me riled up though because I can really pounce on someone if I’m angered.

Obsidian Beetle - I just want to be left alone. I curl up into a little ball when threatened and love all things nature and leafy.

Reaver - I like to make a scene and troll around with my friends, but really I’m not that threatening.

Spotter - I love rules and chocolate and oo a pinecone… AHHHHHHHH IT’S GOLIATH! What was I saying?

Steamadon - I absolutely hate confrontation and instead hide behind a smokescreen of idle threats. I’m shy, but hearty and don’t often go out of my way for others. I mostly care about myself.

Trapjaw - Fierce and fiercely loyal, I’m a great follower and love to help my friends. Don’t mess with them though or I’ll bite your face off. I’m especially great at task-oriented jobs and finding things.

Tyrant - Step… away…

Venomhound - I’m pretty hyper and run around quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean I can’t slap you silly if you get close.

Carnivorous Plants - I’ll wrap you up, eat you, and spit you out! Dangerous and just all around bad… but I’ve also got a glass jaw.

Batray - I am scared… of everything… and I love being around as many other scared people as I can.

(That’s all I got! Pick one, say why if you want aaaand feel free to correct me if you think something is wrong!)


I am Groot!


cupcake - because easter shouldnt be without eggs

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Woops, wrong thread cx. I clicked a button, changing, sowwy!

Edit: Also, after reading this, a couple of things…

Did you mean Canyon Strider?

Basking Cephalodon. Also, maybe incorporate something about eating a lot? These guys will go to town on Glaciopods.



Changed and yes I did. I haven’t paid much attention to the wildlife, really… too busy eating them… I just kinda made this topic on a whim XD.


I absolutely LOVE the Evolve wildlife. My favorites are Cephalodons, Obsidian Beetles, and Blitz Leopards.


Mammoth bird average? That one should really say “I’m easily intimidated by others and will pretend to be nice… but I will backstab you any time you leave yourself open. I will revel in your pain.”


According to that logic if you’re a megamouth does that make you a wanker? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, gotta do something when you’re just sitting there while the monsters and the hunter are on the other side of the map I guess.

That wasn’t quite the same logic anyway, if we’re talking Hyde logic I would have said “Hi, I’m a mammoth bird. I’m a judgemental prick.”


As for picking one, guess I’ll go with Blitz Leopard. Or Kraken. Hmm.


I’m definitely a Cephalodon.



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I’m a Wraith… I went to the Museum recently and that reaffirmed my dislike for public places and people. I’ll just stay home and play Evolve please :flushed:


There is no wildlife known as the “Cephalopod”

I think you might mean “Cephalodon?”


Behemoth- I’m 6’2 240 pounds I’m lazy I’d prefer it if you came to me but if I have to I will run you down.

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Truthfully may consider myself a trapjaw


I’m an Armadon too! Huzzah for nature, evolve, and things that go slow!


Cows go slow to :frowning:


pretty much sums me up.

I would pick behemoth because my spirit animal is a volcano.


I think my Spirit Evolvimal would be Liam Neeson. But it’s not there :stuck_out_tongue: