What's your most frustrating match?


My favourite match was when i nearly wiped the whole team out as Kraken(Caira,Hank,Maggie,Parnell),Caira was bleeding out(1 strike),Daisy and Parnell were alive(2 strikes each).I pounced Parnell,while that was happening Daisy revived the medic.Then i instantly stopped pouncing,killed Caira,Daisy,assault was the only one alive,dropship time–~15 seconds,and i had half bar of health,James had half of his own health,too.We fought,and assault…He killed me with the shotgun with 1 hit away of regular melee from death!
P.S.What is your favorite match?


Oh,and don’t mind grammar mistakes(If i did some).


I just edited the tittle since it said “frustrated” instead of favorite match like the post asks.


To answer the question about my most FRUSTRATING match. It’s anytime I play monster! I have to snap back to reality and tell myself to breathe 'cause I’m too focused on running and hiding or fighting the hunters :grin:.




Wouldn’t this fit under evolve anonymous?

Just curious.


Every match as Goliath.


Inb4 @SomewhatAwesome comes in and posts about most of his Gorgon matches and the Early Behemoth matches where he and everyone else knew he was a “Forbidden” monster


Most frustrating? Every one with sunny in it.

Although to pick a specific one I would have to pick the time they chose it on fusion plant. I got so frustrated against the sunny-val comp that I broke my screen.

so yea, I think that one applies as “most frustrating”.

although any sunny match really makes me want to punch my screen, it’s just this one succeeded.


Any match with Sunny and Jack. Hate. Jack.


You actually got that mad? Haha yikes


Yup, wasn’t ah, a pleasant week waitin for a new screen.

Couldn’t do that much work, unfortunately.


Haha did you just punch it or throw something at it?


I punched it >.>


Lol next time breathe slowly :wink: and cuss at the screen. Don’t hurt the screen


I have found a better solution: don’t play monster in the current meta.


That can also help lol


Looks like everyone will be playing Bot monsters until the Sunny nerfs…


I certainly can’t stand the current meta, nor will I endure the frustration of it until the nerfs. maybe then people will sotp picking her.

that or when the new support comes out. that will be a nice reprieve.


I’m the same. I stopped playing monster until they change the META again, it’s just to frustration it was actually causing problems in real life! Nice and relaxed now I stopped playing for a while :slightly_smiling: