Whats your main monster, and WLR?


Hi, who’s your main, if you have one, and whats your WLR

Also post your link.

I’m rank 3998 with 12 wins a WLR of 3 and 4 loses, 1 hr played and a distance of 15312

all time for my region.

I mainly play goliath and recently behemoth.


I main Goliath, have 149 wins, 39 deaths, a WLR of 3.04, and a distance traveled of 300,567 meters. Rank 67 All time for my region.


11 rounds wlr 10 , distance dunno… Wriath. (Im not a monster player)


I’m not much of a monster player, but I have a 100 wlr with wraith, if you don’t count matches joined in progress


Wraith, 83 wins, 4.61 W/L ratio. I play more Custom matches, than MM. But I also don’t really play monster often.

4.61 w/l
83 wins
14 deaths
224,302 distance


I main kraken. I’m around 200 global, on xbox1, about 100 wins last I checked and a W/L of 9.5


WLR? Who cares. I only care whether I had fun games.


Main: Goliath
Wins: 254
Loses: 17
Win/Loss ratio: 14.9
Distance traveled: around 400,000 meters

It’s really easy to win matches, so easy. :slight_smile:


Mhmm. ^.^
But he wants to know, just to know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Golaith, wins 100% of the time


Goliath: 101 Global, 182 Wins, 2 Deaths, 60.66 WLR, 32 Hours, 300,537 M

Kraken: 147 Global, 116 Wins (should be more, was reset), 1 Death, 29 WLR (Game modes Lost), 16 Hours, 102,958 M

Wraith: 39 Global, 171 Wins (should be more, was reset), 1 Death, 85.5 WLR (Second loss was due to glitch Generator in Defend), 29 Hours, 230,092 M

Behemoth: 91 Global, 55 Wins, 1 Death (could be more but game crashes/freezes), 27.5 WLR (Game freezes and crashes influenced this a lot), 9 Hours, 141,002 M

But hell, leaderboards are inaccurate as f**k anyway.

Global rank: 56

Wins: 865

WLR: 6.02

Time: 165 Hours

Deaths: 267

Total Distance: 1,446,569 M


With 1 game played. :wink:


Rank 213 globally goliath with 113 wins and a 6.47 win/loss ratio


Mine is Goliath I have 43 wins, and I think 9 deaths. No idea what my WLR is off hand.


Now it’s Wraith since she’s balanced. As for my W/L ratio, it’s pretty bad. Mainly because I never play serious and the one time I try to it’s against a team practicing for the ESL or something. :unamused:


220 something for Goliath I think, and 189 or so for Kraken (my LB rank). Both just barely have a positive W/D ratio. It took me time to figure out how to counter various hunter combos, but I’d doing fairly well right now.

In terms of wins- 80 something for Goliath, 69ish for Kraken.


57 wins
4 losses
W/L: 14.25

12 wins
0 losses
W/L: 12

3 wins
2 losses
W/L: 1.5

0 wins
0 losses
W/L: I don’t play bugged monsters


Seeing the ranks of people on the forums is cool B)


I don’t know what mine is because I haven’t done a pug monster game in like forever. Custom games all the way :slight_smile:


PS4 Goliath: 311 wins 9.42 wlr #15 Global (was as high as #7 at one point). Behemoth 93 wins 10.33 wlr # 15 Global