What's your main Class/Monster?


Title. :sunny:

I’m playing Monster mainly, and sometimes all hunters… What’s about yo? :slight_smile:


Just monster for me


My Main is Monster (Wraith/Behemoth/Gorgon) and as Hunter I am mostly Assault


My main class is Hyde.


Support (any)
Kraken (learning)
Goliath (learning)


Medic which pretty much means Caira for me.


No, your main class is Caira. :3


Sounds about right :smile:


I will literally play anything and yet still do better than my pub teammates whatever it is we pick.


Main Hunter : Lennox ( 628 Wins Rank 1 on Ps4 )

Main Monster : Behemoth / Gorgon ( 718 Wins / 154 Wins )

Yep i play them alot xD


Trapper and assult


Moiser, do you even play other Charackters except caira?


Whats about moiserus? you also play him sometimes?


Always monster mainly kraken


If my friends are online: I play Valerie :medic:(in team), if they r not: I play a lonely Goliath :goliath_roar:


Trapper/Monster for me. I can play any Trapper well, but Maggie is my favourite and likely always will be.

I normally play Wraith but I’ve really taken a liking to Behemoth recently.


Trapper- Griffin/Abe
Support- Bucket/Cabot (not so much now but we’ll see down the road.)

Monster-Wraith/Behemoth. I haven’t had time to play with Gorgon that much though so that could change.


I main support. If I know I’m playing with competent people, I pick Sunny. If I’m playing with pubs I mainly pick Hank.


My main monster?



There you go, fixed that for you.


Behemoth and Bucket