What's your GOTY 2017?


Not released. In early access lol

I am Thee nitpicker lol


Metroid Samus Returns
Breath of the Wild
Prey is fun but haven’t completed it yet.

I have some other good games but I haven’t played them either at all or a lot to mention here.
I am still wanting to buy Horizon Zero Dawn, but I also might wait for a complete edition if they are doing any more DLCs.


I’ve been wanting to play Prey, same with Nier I think I will like both of them but haven’t had money or time :stuck_out_tongue:


Basically my problem. That and I’m either testing for PK or playing the same games I tend to play.


For me, it’s really between Halo Wars 2 or Total War Warhammer 2.

Total War was and still is such a fun game to play and looks great. But Halo Wars 2 had dominated my play time like no game since Evolve ever has.


I really wanted to get into TW: W2, but I felt ripped off by the first game with the extra gore mod costing money as well as certain factions pre order shenanigans that tried to happen


Don’t think I bought a single 2017 title. Just been playing Siege and Smite.


Personally I find that TW:WH2 righted a lot of wrongs, but I also tend to be a very forgiving person


I love it! However, technically I would argue it isn’t a 2017 game, as it hasn’t formally released yet.

I can only recall putting down Elite: Dangerous for three games in 2017: INSIDE, Subnautica, and Stellaris. I really liked them all. But none of them were released in 2017!


I still love me some Stellaris, though I still secretly wish for a true Master of Orion sequel, but Stellaris is great nonetheless.


They added %60 of the lore and other stuff on 2017, though. Before that, the game was like Minecraft on Hardcore mode. Few hours of struggling to survive, and then doing whatever you wanted to do.


South Park fractured but whole… I’m biased as fuck though


can we get a list of noteables from pc and switch?


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a good JRPG for the switch if you have the time to play a big game like it.


Last year was the greatest year for games. Why? Cause Knack 2 came out.


I thought Subnautica left early access this year.


Everyone knows 1988 was the best year for video games.


Still listed as early access, with a release date this month.


Never played it but watched a fair amount of it. Only funny thing in the whole game imo was the difficulty.


I do have to say, Divinity Original Sin 2 deserves everyone’s attention as well