What's your GOTY 2017?


So would you say Dark Souls is more difficult than Nioh? Is that a good or a bad thing? :stuck_out_tongue:


You got that from VideoGameDunkey’s Best of 2017 video, didn’t you? :wink:


evolve, rainbow six siege or cuphead


I hated the ‘difficulty’ of dark souls because most of it felt like cheap crap. Like you didn’t know an enemy was going to kick you off a ledge type stuff. Sure, some of the bosses had a bit of difficulty which was fun, but there was a lot of cheap junk in Dark Souls that made it seem harder than it was.


Still have to end Hellblade but like it alot.

I found myself spending many hours in survival games like seven days to die, conan exiles and they are in early access still.


I wouldn’t have said cheap. Input delay notwithstanding the first game was mostly fair, at least. The problems started arising during the games after Dark Souls 1. Which is where it started becoming clear that, outside of stats and ambushes (the latter of which became predictable after the first game. In this instance if you’ve played one game in the series then you’ve played them all) FromSoft had no idea what actually made enemies challenging so they started introducing other elements that did end up becoming cheap.


See to me, the difficulty of enemies and bosses was fair, but first time going through I felt like there was a lot of deaths caused simply because you didn’t know X was hiding behind Y tree or something. Yes, it was easier in later titles because the game trained you to spot obvious ambush spots, but the first time it just felt annoying and not ‘hard’.


I was pretty disappointed with a lot of game released this year. Horizon: Zero Dawn did not meet my expectations of what I thought it was at all. Crafting things is a unique feature, but it’s not something I want to do, Far Cry was like that too and I only enjoyed the flying suit or whatever that was lol

Dishonored made a comeback which was a bit unexpected from my end, and was a pretty good game, I love powers, it’s what drew me to Evolve for the Monsters. But it still wasn’t my GOTY

Cuphead was a visual thing for me, I love pixel games because there is a 1000% of time and energy spent into those. I mean, animating something pixel by pixel is really tough. I’m sure that’s not how they do it but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

My GOTY would probably go to Injustice 2. I love DC let alone a DC fighting game made by the MK Studio! The visual upgrades, new fighting style and the roster of DLC was very surprising.

I mean yea, I know I said “D2” above but thinking about it more and more. They recycled a ton of things from D1. The only thing I really loved was the campaign. So in hind sight, it was a disappointing game, even if I still play it to this day


I went with Subnautica. Dope music, open world, scary monsters. What’s not to like?


HMMM… 2017 was kinda blah…

I wish I could vote on the Switch Category… those games are well done and fun…



I think Nintendo did surprisingly good with Super Mario Odessey and Zelda Breath of the Wild, from what I’ve seen.

I remember going to a gaming store between Christmas and New Year and a couple wanted to buy a Switch with Zelda, only for the cashier to tell them that the stock for Zelda has run out (and it’s a store relatively outside the city center).


BoTW is reeeeaaally popular. And such popularity is well deserved from what I’ve seen of it.



IDK what ur talking about :wink:


Rainbow six siege.
^ dosen’t really count but lots of stuff came out in 2017


I laugh that this is still considered a ‘released’ product :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I mean now it technically is. But it’s still got a long way to go before I consider it worthy for a nomination. Popular does not mean polish.


True, but with the amount of money they’ve gained I feel like there should have been some pretty decent updates/upgrades than what we got :slight_smile: I just feel it’s an eternal EA :stuck_out_tongue:


This accurately sums it up. It was fun in the beginning but it still remains soo unpolished and unoptimized.

It shouldn’t be normal that there’s still so many cheaters in the game, that the game is still laggy, etc.

However, they released a new map even though the playerbase hasn’t shown signs of decrease yet. This just means more bugs, more work, except for optimization which I care for the most.

So yeah, it’s sitting in my library, untouched for months till I see improvement.


And it’s not like they don’t have a wad of cash to work with either :stuck_out_tongue: