What's your GOTY 2017?


I haven’t noticed a thread about this yet. And I know, it’s kinda late with 2018 already in progress.

Nonetheless, I’m curious to hear about what your favorite game was during 2017. Ideally, it has to be a game released during 2017, although expansions count as well (ex. XCOM 2 War of the Chosen).

If possible, give a brief explanation why you enjoyed this game so much.

For me personally, it was Tekken 7. I haven’t had fun in a fighting game for such a long time. Not to mention how complex it actually is. Things like launchers, frame advantage, wall game, different combos.

Plus the ability to get cosmetic items is all free by fighting the AI in Treasure Mode. :slight_smile:


Without a doubt it has to be NieR: Automata. An indirect sequel to NieR that brings with it a good story, good characters, great gameplay and a phenomenal soundtrack.


My opinion doesn’t really count because I don’t have all of the games released this year, but man is destiny 2 a hell of a game. I love the idea of loot shooters, the graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is very fun. I just love sniping the shit out of all the fallen. Although it was tough getting the story because I’m a new player, it is pretty interesting. I feel like I’m always getting things done, although that’s just because I’m a flipping noob. I’m hoping to get the expansions for my birthday.


What if I found out about it during 2017? Does that count? If not, then I’d go with Destiny 2


You can make a mention of it so long you mention also 1 game from 2017 you thought was interesting, whether you played it or not :slight_smile:


I haven’t bought any 2017 game during the year, nope. I bought Mother Russia Bleeds though (2016 game) and it was fun, it also inspired me for a fan-lore and sprites…and a project I kept in mind.


Holy shit what a disappointing year for games. I was going through and noting any that I’ve played and enjoyed and I see only 3. Granted, there are a few titles I want but haven’t played/bought yet so I can’t comment but yeah. The only 3 that I liked were Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8.


Hellblade. A little repetitive and the counter system wasn’t exactly taught to you. But i loved every second of it. And might have learned a little about my self through 1 play through.


Speaking of which, how is that game? I’ve been thinking about getting myself a copy since the premise seems cool.


How is Nioh compared to Dark Souls? I’m curious to hear your thoughts about it.


Injustice 2. I had high expectations for this game and they were met.

Amazing story mode? :+1:
Fun ladder mode? :+1:
Great customization system? :+1:

The only negatives I have are that you can’t earn all the gear without opening mother boxes and that a trophy in the game requires you to use an ability that is only gained through mother boxes.

I give a 9/10. NetherRealm Studios needs to continue developing games.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 without a doubt. While it was released at the tail end of the year it was definitely a journey I loved. I would talk about destiny 2 but tbh I can’t forgive that they’re doing what they did with the first one but now with more stuff to pay for.


Rain World or Hollow knight for me.

As far as AAA goes I’d say War-hammer total war 2.


I really liked it. The story of the world is done decently. The combat is good for the most part. I do dislike that there isn’t ‘as’ much variety in enemies but I like that each has weak points and whatnot. However, I do think it is on the easier side as far as games go. Also not TOO much collectible crap if you go for 100% achievements or finding everything. Overall I recommend it. Definitely if it’s less than 50% off base price.

The combat, imo, is FAR more enjoyable and fluid/fast than Dark Souls. Dark Souls DOES beat out Nioh in world building though. Because levels are structured as levels and not open worldish like Dark Souls, the levels are fairly forgettable. I also really enjoyed this one as well and can recommend it. It is also out for PC if you want to go that route as well. The difficulty, for the most part, is less ‘gotcha’ moments like Dark Souls and more like figuring out a new enemy, boss or having right gear/weapon setups.


Mass Effect: Andromeda


But in all seriousness…

Horizon: Zero Dawn. That shit was dope!


Breath of the Wild. Nuff’ said.

A bit of a low-hanging fruit, I know, but nothing else this year came close for me.


Super Mario Bros 2 BABYYYYYYY


2017 was a year of disappointments for me. For honor, Andromeda, Mafia 3, Friday the 13th… The one that sucked the least IMO was Ark.

Or if Remasters count then Skyrim XD.

Edit: fingers crossed for MHW.


I am a ninja. And I play free.

And I love every second of it.


Cool love it.