What's Your Favourite Tabletop Game?


MTG is currently my favourite, especially when you’re playing with a lot of people in one game.


Twilight Imperium 4 probably. We just had an awesome 6 player game of it.


I dunno if it counts but I used to play a shit ton of chess when I was younger.


Warhammer 8th edition, 7th was also pretty fun but immortal characters made it worse.


The card game Death Angel, based off the board game Space Hulk…I play solo.

With the family, we will play classics like Ticket to Ride, Takenoko, Robo Rally, Dice Town, or King of Tokyo.

I also Love Onitama and Nexus Ops, but can’t get anyone to play the latter with me due to the underlying Risk theme (it’s similar to but NOT Risk.)

At restaurants I have been known to break out Pass the Pigs and Zombie Dice. SIlly but fun, and peeps seem to have a good time playing while waiting on food.



G.U.R.P.S & Werewolf (For RPGing)
Battlestar Galctica
Dark Moon
Ultimate Werewolf
Fury of Dracula
Legendary: Alien Encounters


I love Talisman, but it’s pretty RNG on whether you have a good game or not. If you have not the time or ability to play D&D, some of their board games are pretty neat. Castle Ravenloft is cool to play with friends.

Cards against humanity is great(if you want to include card games) if you’ve a darker sense of humor.

Me and my friends used to play Risk(any of the variants), but I recommend playing with your most even tempered friends. Over time, our games would get longer and longer, partly because we didn’t have a firm grasp of the rules, and partly because we started with the secret realpolitik through texts and pre hang out dealings. Shit ended in cheating, betrayal, arguments, table flips, and cross continental troop chases that would last over 3 hours. Lot’s of fun if that’s what you’re into, but It really depends on the temperament of the room.


This is a (very)good one


Yup. We don’t always get to bring it out due to it’s length, but it’s ALWAYS a fun one when it does :smiley:


The Dark Tower
Electronic Clue


Arkham Horror is pretty fun. Probably my favorite one I’ve played recently.


I loved playing EDH. My Rayne, Academy Chancellor deck was awesome. I don’t play Magic anymore. Sold my cards and used that to buy a house (I had power 9).

Other favorite table top games are Axis and Allies and D&D.


I like the playing pieces of Nexus Ops:


The pieces equal power, and some have special abilities. The game doesn’t last as long as Risk, maxing out at around 25-30 minutes or so and is all about resource acquisition, strategy with monster purchasing, and meeting secret objectives.

The original Nexus Ops pieces actually glowed under blacklight…but the remade edition ones with the more detail do not.


Betrayal at House on the Hill. It’s a co-op game that turns into an asymmetrical 2-5 v 1 about halfway through. There are 100’s of scenarios so it is always a different game.


Warhammer 40k is unfortunately still my favorite tabletop game. :frowning:


But are you Australian?

EVERYTHING is slightly adjusted to be more expensive than if I bought it in America or Britan.


Nah, I’m from Denmark. At the end of the day I still have to pay more for my plastic crack than Americans or Britains, but thankfully not as much as you Australians. :no_mouth: :moneybag: :fire:


I’m guessing you’re quite broke…but hey, this is a good investment! You can always get your money back re-selling Warhammer.

Man, Id love to have a good Zoanthrope model to paint…takes me back.


House on Hill is a good one as well. Do you have the xpac?