What's your favourite monster skins?


As the title says, what’s your favourite monster skins for all monsters, pick one from the skin packs for the first three and one from the single monster skins :smiley: Mine are:

For Goliath my favourites are the Red Panda and the Carnivore skin:

For Kraken my favourites are the Man o’ War skin and the Wendigo skin:

For Wraith my favourites are the Hornet and the Savage skin:

For Behemoth my favourite skin is the Sandstone skin:

For Gorgon my favourite skin is the Scarlet skin:

Wraith Tropical Skin in store (XB1) now! Yay for more content!

The Man o’ War pic is wrong.

Anyways, my favorite skins are:
Goliath: White Tiger, Tiger, Elite, Cosmic, Poison Frog, Voodoo, Bog

Kraken: Savage, Elite, Cosmic, Calypso, Frostbite, Voodoo, Bog

Wraith, Behemoth, and Gorgon: All of the skins


It’s man o’ war with another effect, couldn’t find the other one.



  • Clownfish


  • Cosmic
  • Savage


  • Hornet


  • Amethyst


  • Scarlet
  • Gorgon-zola


HAHAHAHA Miley dead rn


There were points IRL I would actually address her as Miley and not Gorgon


Right now these are my favs-


And finally…



Omg Krakens elite skin looks SO good, I love it so much but I hate using it online because I feel so cocky using it hahah


Totally! Whenever I use an elite skin and lose the hunters always have to mention how good they are after cause they beat an elite… so lame.


Goliath - magma skin
Kraken - voodoo skin
Wraith - savage skin
Behemoth - bloodrock skin
Gorgon - scarab skin

I love pretty much all of them, but those are my favourites. :slight_smile:


I’m not a good Goliath player or Behemoth player I just focused on those abilities then realized how lazy I was to accomplish all other monsters and hunters.

I am so close with Hyde and Wraith :confused:


Hmmm… It’s hard to choose, but I think these are my favorites.

Goliath Voodoo skin.

Wraith Voodoo skin.

Gorgon Scarlet skin.

Behemoth Blood rock skin.

Elder Krake… I mean Kraken Calypso skin. :sweat_smile:


Goliath: Bog, White Tiger
Kraken: Wendigo, Calypso
Wraith: Cosmic, Tropical
Behemoth: Moonstone
Gorgon: Zola

I would say the Taurus that I bought during the mistake with the market, but it doesn’t feel appropriate. Anticipating the Orca Wraith though!


Goliath: Tiger Skin / Frostbite Skin

Kraken: Calypso Skin / Elite Skin

Wraith: Bog Skin / Elite Skin

Behemoth: Glacier Skin / Blood Rock Skin

Gorgon: Zola Skin / Scarlet Skin


Oof. Miley.

I’m not even going to go down that route, to save myself from internal boot-kicking; as if I wanted the cart before the horse. I refuse to acknowledge that name of disgrace to our wonderful Gorgon, regardless if you say it in real life or not.

(Because I’ve seen where people get that name from, and it looks nothing like where the name originated… just saying).

Because… isn’t that name… like… dead?

I apologize if this may seem rude to you, after all. I just… I’m done. * Gives up *


Nah, not rude. I don’t like the name either but I don’t want to completely forget Azmi. Plus what other nicknames we got for Gorgon?


That’s honestly a good point. Hadn’t thought of that.

I can’t recall any valid nicknames.

Thankyou for taking it as humor and not rudeness. 75% of the people here would be sticking knives down my throat. Heheh… :sweat_smile:


frostbites gold goliath and the voodoos


Voodoo skins :heart_eyes:


Oh yeah, I forgot about this beautiful Kraken skin!