What's your favorite saddest moment in a game? 😢


Prepare for the feels, because in here, we will share moments in video games that made us cry. I know most of them are going to be death scenes, so please, put spoiler tags or just warn.

SOMA spoiler below!

So, my first one has to be the ending of SOMA. Omg… that really hit me really hard, it really made me cry… a lot. I went through so much stuff (life and death stuff!) with my awesome partner, Catherine, looking for a way to leave earth and live a happy life in the Ark. The interaction between was beautiful, honest and human, two lonely human beings trying to find hope in all that chaos and in the end… everything breaks.

Copies of Simon and Catherine go to the Ark while the real ones stay on earth. But that wasn’t what made me cry, what made me cry was what happened after that! Catherine and Simon start fighting and insulting each other. I was like Please guys, don’t fight!! Maintain your friendship and suddenly, power goes out, Catherine dies and Simon is begging her to come back, because he feels lonely…

No, I just I couldn’t handle that >_<

So, share your favorite saddest moment in a game with us! :smiley: :cry:


I want to say L4D1: The Passing, but it’s a LOT more emotional in the comic. Said comic was fantastic.


Lee’s death, the Walking Dead game…



Atrorias’ and Sif’s backstory and encounters in Dark Souls.

And seeing what happens to Lucatiel in Dark Souls 2.


Dom dying in Gears of War 3.


Cortana dying in Halo 4.

Easily my saddest moments.


Anytime one of my crew would die in Mass Effect I would get so upset. Really made me try harder to save their lives.


I’m sure I have a lot but the first one that comes to mind is this one.
FFX Titus passing through Yuna


Mordin Solus dying in Mass Effect 3. Just an epic and extremely sad story arc for him. But going out a hero is bittersweet.


Soma made you cry? >>…

Me too. T~T

The Walking Dead is just a big… make sure you have a shoulder to cry on. p.p




Oh how could I forget, almost the entire ending to Crises Core. That being said, the japanese dub had Cloud’s scream SOOOO much more intense than the English counterpart. Compare here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J913Y6qUE5c


I wouldn’t classify it as “sad”, per say, but the scene in Spec Ops the Line was incredibly powerful:

[Spoiler] When you are winding down to the grand finale, you have been separated from your teammates. Luckily, you found Adams, but you need to find Lugo. You hear him screaming for help on the radio and rush to save him. Unfortunately, it’s too late for him, and you find him hanged on lamppost. I had honestly believed that I would get to him in time, and I was devastated when he died. Surrounded by people who may have had a hand in killing him (or perhaps just angry civilians, I honestly don’t know), I at first just tried to push through. It didn’t work. A second time I tried, and they pushed back. Now furious, I opened fire and tried to kill as many fleeing people as possible. It was horrible. [/Spoiler]
And I loved every second of it.


The beginning of The Last of Us.


OMG!! :cry:


Warframe in the Second Dream,holy fuck


Him showing up in KH BBS made my heart ache.


That actually has story now? I must say I’m a bit skeptical.


It’s always had a story.


Well, I guess, but it’s been more shallow that a kiddie pool. On par with Destiny in that aspect.


A moment that made me sad was before I started to play Fallout 4 for myself…I was watching Boogie play it on Twitch.

Long story short, Mama Murphy OD’d and died.

On my playthrough–still on my first, after awhile I made Mama Murphy get off the Chems. Now she’s a respectable member of the sanctuary community.