What's your favorite movie?


The highest rated movie of all-time, with a 99% rating on rottentomatoes, unless of course, I’m having double vision:



You know. It could have been worse.


Exactly. It could have been this:



Isn’t that movie considered as one of the worst novadays?


nuff said’


Die hard
Napoleon dynamite
Step brothers
Kill bill
Inglorious bastards
Dark knight
Lego movie


V For Vendetta. Watching it now, the combat looks choppy and… Crap. At the time it looked great. And those speeches and even the one-liners are golden.


If you like the movie, try and check out the comic some time. I quite like it.


I’ll be sure to check it out.


There are so many! but to avoid posting too many, I am just gonna post most recent movie that I have begun to love which is "Get Out"
This thriller shows you the meaning of true fear and even if you take the racial discrimination out of it. Just Imagine if your girlfriend, the lady you love, is a Cold Hearted psychopath who never loved you and only had bad intentions for you.
Does the thought not give you chills?


I haven’t seen Get Out, but I heard good things about it.

That being said, we normally lock old threads that get rez’d. Feel free to make a new thread and I’ll post some of my favs.

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Normally I’d agree, but as this is a relatively small topic it’s probably better than starting a whole new one.


Alrighty then.

Since I’ve already posted here back in '16, I’ll update it:


I watched this for my birthday and thought it was really good. The basic premise is that everyone on Earth suddenly became infertile, and so humanity is doomed to die out.

The film just seems so well put together. This isn’t a story of action heroes, but a few people deciding to hope for a better tomorrow. The morality of the situation is grey and much of it is really intense. Parts of it really sucked me in.


Love this film

Edit: it’s actually funny it came out so long ago, it feels like it could have been made last year.


Definitely, it’s a decade old yet it feels like it only came out a few years ago.