What's your favorite movie trailer? :D


I don’t know about you guys, but I have always enjoyed watching good trailers from time to time, even when the movie is already released! For me, a trailer is good when they:

  • Put a good soundtrack that reveals the tone of the movie and at the same time, combines pretty well with the trailer.

  • Doesn’t give all the content away and instead, it gives you just enough to make you super intrigue!

  • It gives you an idea of what the movie is about and what will you expect, some trailer just don’t do that and then you take the risk of watching what could be a bad movie or just not your type of film.

  • Don’t use original soundtracks from other movies, but this is especially for Puerto Rican movie trailers, which are horrible btw.

  • They do not use a narrator, I just can’t stand them, it makes the trailer super cheesy!! But some exceptions can be made I guess, like for comedies.

So yeah, that’s my criteria and I’m sure I have more, but I just can’t remember right now.

Ok, now let’s share!

First, Suicide Squad!!

One of the best trailer I have seen so far!! They freaking used Bohemian Rhapsody and it fit so well!! Plus, how they managed to time some scenes and sync them with the song, ugh, pure awesomeness and it looks like a super fun movie!

Evil Dead (2013):
Warning! Super gory!

I think they did a fantastic job with this trailer, I loved how the trailer begins with a well acted scene (thanks to Jane Levy) showing us a very disturbed women who was attacked by something in the woods. But then, they show us all these super shocking, crazy and gory scenes and all them with practical effects! And the soundtrack is the cherry on top! This trailer really prepares you for what’s coming.

Also, that part where she yells cut it, cut it!, so creepy and cool at the same time.


This trailer is the definition of intrigue! When I first watched this I was like: Wait, what the hell is happening? What did they discovered? What the hell are they fighting?

Also, the soundtrack was super awesome! Those small screams in the background gave me shivers >_<

I will add more later, soon I will be taking a class so I don’t have time. (And yes, I will add the Deadpool trailers)

So, what’s your favorite movie trailer?




It’s also my second favorite movie, so I’m slightly biased.


The desolation of smaug trailer. It really hyped me up for the movie and made me excited to see it.

Unfortunately it sucked so ech. bittersweet memories of it.


My favorite trailer of all time is the comic-con trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. :heart:



The first trailer was kinda ‘meh’, but I bought tickets in advance after watching this trailer several times.

The second trailer was much better than the first I think. The music just punched the right notes at the right time.

There are a few other trailers on here that I would approve but these are the big 2 that immediately came to mind. I’ll have to see what movie trailers made me want to watch the movie that I actually loved watching the trailer over and over…


I read the title and this is the trailer that came to mind for me.



Godzilla was my childhood. I was seriously never more excited to see a movie.


I know there are more, but I’ve always been partial to The Losers, purely because of the Eagles of Death Metal towards the end.


Cannot, wait!!!


I liked the star wars trailer cause it didn’t give away too much, while still getting me hyped up for it


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