Whats your favorite monster


My personal favorite monster is goliath Behemoth would be first but cant play as him yet but real soon, not counting today 1 day left


Goliath no doubt. Haven’t played with Behemoth but I can tell already that I’m going to like him a lot. :smiley:


I like Goliath, but nobody except the people with the press build has Behemoth. I need to try a monster out to like him.


Wraith for the stealth play.


I prefer Goliath, but recently I’ve been better with Kraken. I feel like good Hunter teams have solid Goliath strategies…but many of those same teams struggle with Kraken.


behemoth looks like he dies way too fsast as stage 3 wraith lasts longer


At first Goliath, but right now he is my least favorite and by far my worst Monster since I seem to get stuck on any kind of terrain while fighting with Goliath, sliding off walls and edges while climbing and so on.

My best I’d say is Kraken right now, but my favorite is without question the Wraith. Just started trying her out 2 days ago and I’m having a blast (no pun intended). Didn’t touch her at all all the way to lvl 40 until the rework and I guess I’m glad I never played her the decoy way. She is just so damn fast and plays so different from the other 2. The constant hit & run is really fun, though I’m still getting occasionally crushed by CHMH premades when I’m having one of those games where I just can’t be arsed to farm to evo3 and try to play around way too much.

He is probably gonna be one of those Monsters you shouldn’t play on certain maps. But he plays different, and that is good enough in my book as a start. Can’t have enough diversity as a Monsterplayer. A favorite Monster for every map. Keeps it interesting for both parties instead of fighting the same Monster over and over and leaving lobbies as a result.


GOLIATH FTW :goliath_roar: :goliath_roar: :goliath_roar:

But, definitely Behemoth come Tuesday :smiley_cat:

P.S. Somebody make a Behemoth emojii plz!


Kraken for sure. Flight makes all the difference and I love that aoe.


Kraken obv cuz OP


Behemoth because i like being big and trapping little little hunters in a corner for me to murder or burn alive allowing there best friend to watch me eat his friends corpse.


The 5th one
Jk Behemoth

For now


All of them…




Kraken. This should be a poll :slight_smile:




U main Wraith?


Yes, proudly.


Goliath all the way. If you know how to manage him just right that guy could turn into a killing machine! I’m not good with kraken at all, I kinda find his speed lacking a bit. Wraith, I used to like her because she’s so easy to abuse, but now it gets boring since there’s no challenge. Another reason is because people just started leaving my matches, and that made my fights a lot more easier. Boring…

Goliath = :heart: :heart: :heart: