What's your favorite Monster skin?


Oh boy, I have at least two different ones for every monster.

Goliath: Elite, Wendigo
Kraken: Bog, Voodoo
Wraith: Voodoo, Tropical
Behemoth: Glacial, Bloodrock
Gorgon: Elite, Scarlet

And please note that I have elite on every monster aside from Kraken and Meteor Goliath.


Kraken Neptune :smiley:


You got Neptune too ?!?!? I want it Soooo bad


Clownfish. The only skin I have ever bought was Clownfish Wraith. Somehow I got Clownfish Goliath but I’m not questioning it. Haha It’s, to this day, my favorite skin!


I would have to say this one.

I do however love almost all of the other ones too.


Does anyone else wish meteor Goliath got an elite skin


When they release Wasteland Maggie, I will be able to bring Voodoo and Night hunter skin at the same time! The two best skin types ever!!!

  • Goliath - panda skin
  • Kraken - Frostbite
  • Even though it’s just a recolored Savage skin is still a beautiful skin.
  • I have all but the carnivore and Neptune skin for Kraken, I cycle through all of my skins.
  • Wraith - I don’t know the name but it’s the pink and white skin that was shown along with the harvest skin during the Miley Stream
  • Bob - Moonstone.
  • Miley - Elite


Cosmic Wraith skin!
I mean look at it. The scythes GLOW!



As for topic, best skin=Meteor Goliath :smiley:


But that’s not a skin?



Goliath: Savage Skin, Frostbite Skin, Cow Skin (Taurus). Vodoo

Krakerino: Savage, Frostbite, Man-o-war, Neptune, Vodoo

Wraitherino: Savage, Hornet, Vodoo, Frostbite( sadly dont get this one :frowning: )

Bob: I like pretty much all Bob skins, but i’m not playing him often so yeah.

Spiderman: Also not playing her often, but i also like all.


Goliath: Elite (makes me feel like Indominus Rex), Clownfish, Magma, Savage, Forstbite

Kraken: Voodoo, Magma, Frostbite, Man O War, Elite

Wraith: Tropic, Savage (hint hint), Frostbite, Hornet, Voodoo, Gold, Jellyfish, Elite, Wendigo, Carnivore, Swamp, Cosmic, Clownfish…I just realised I got all the Wraith skins…alright then.

Behemoth: Ok since I barely have any skins for Bobby I’ll also name the ones I don’t own xD
Gold, Glacier, Jade, Amnethyst (I think) ,Bloodrock

Gorgon: Scarlet (which I don’t even own cuz I’m broke and sad and stuffz), Scarab, Elite, Gold.


Wraith Magma Skin is the best looking to me its almost to die for…


Taurus skin for Goliath

Wraith yellow skin

Bob gold skin

Gorgon red skin

Kraken original skin


I don’t really own too many skins, but I’m just listing a few that look good. (Wish I had some of the Elite and all of the Voodoo skins. .3.)
Goliath - Savage, Elite and Voodoo
Kraken - Default and Voodoo.
Wraith - Magma, Voodoo, Bog and Clownfish.
Behemoth - Default, Sandstone, and Elite.
Gorgon - Elite, Scarab and Scarlet.

Honestly, the devs should add some community made skins and possibly hold a vote for like… 5 skins per Monster or something (Blue Ring Octopus skin for Kraken pls ;—; ). I’ve seen a lot of neat fan skins, like in this thread

…and this one


All of my Yes! We should hold a contest for monster skins made by the community! I’ve seen sooo many awesome skins made by fellow members, it’s a shame they’re not in the game.


Goliath: Poison Frog
Kraken: Savage
Wraith: Hornet, Harvest, Orca, or Tropical
Behemoth: Gold or Blood rock
Gorgon: Scarab


Goliath: Tiger
Kraken: Frostbite, Savage
Wraith: Clownfish, Tropical
Behemoth: Gold, Bloodrock, Moonstone
Gorgon: Scarlet

Out of all I listed, Tropical Wraith is my absolute favorite.