What's your favorite monster out of the four?


So far my favorite monster out of the four is good ol’ Goliath. He’s the type of monster I’ve always liked and wanted to be. He’s a big brute with huge spikes, breaths fire, leaps around, can pounce on enemies from a cliff, very agile, and is the most menacing looking (in my opinion). Goliath not only looks like the type of monster I’d like to be but his play style is perfect with his overall stature. What’s your favorite monster so far and why?


Kraken. He’s just so calm and collected and I relate to that a little bit; whereas Goliath just seems agitated all of the time. I really enjoy pelting Lightning at my enemies rather than being up in their faces where all the danger is. He’s also a lot more visually appealing to me.


I see what you’re saying. And it’s true Goliath does seem a bit agitated while the Kraken looks like he’d be the type to have a top hat and monocle sitting and reading a book while having a cup of tea xD


Behemoth because hes new and shiny


Imagine if the devs made a skin available for him where his armor is made of gold instead of rock :open_mouth:


What’s your favorite monster out of the four?

… the fifth…


Nice choice bro, and what is that monster exactly? :wink:


I think Goliath will be my favorite, but Wraith may get some play. I enjoyed Kraken, but could see that not really fitting my playstyle after I get used to it. And Behemoth - love the idea, but may also not fit my playstyle.


The Unknown one !

You should fear what is unknown !


Well, I’m going with Goliath. First of all, I think he’s my ideal monster. He’s the monster that I’ve always dreamed of seeing. He looks awesome, and his play style fits mine. He’s fast, cunning, rageful, and graceful.


Wraith. She just speaks volumes of cunning and power locked within a fragile body. Goliath is proud of his strength, Kraken is dignified, but Wraith is something else.

Plus I love stealth and subterfuge. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice choice… I do enjoy regal stealth myself, but there’s just something about Goliath… Yeah, I don’t know what it is exactly.


Maybe that primal, sheer strength and brutality. He’s a BAMF. :smile:


Yeah… thats it! Man, you put that nicely. COuldn’t have done it better myself. :slight_smile:


I dunno wut exactly behemoth will do(rolling, throwing lava, and…building the wall? Maybe?) But, I certainly like Goliath or Wraith. Goliath shows true and pure power.


Wraith for me.


Goliath : wow thanks for your compliment <3


Im gonna have to go with behemoth for the abilities he has really appeal to me.


No problem. Nice to see all the Goliath lovers here. :slight_smile:


Right now I would say Goliath, but once behemoth comes out I think hes gonna be my favorite.