What's your favorite monster and why?


It’s Kraken for me. Everything from his design to his gameplay I like about him. Trapping hunters in a corner while you fire up t3 lightning strike is an amazing feeling. Walking backwards to taunt the hunters is one of the best things in the game. Vortex and launching the assault halfway across the map. How fast heavy AA’s hit compared to the other monsters. Being able to fly, but still not getting destroyed if you decide to ground yourself. Kraken is the best :smiley:


Goliath, he’s just the funnest to play


I remember Goliath in the Alpha and sneaking until stage 3. Most of my games were filled with me never seeing the hunters XD.


Goliath, nothing compares to fire breath.


Wraith purely because of the way it looks all snaky and them scything talons nothing to do with how it plays well maybe a bit of the abduction, then again I’m one of those that plays Dark Souls: Fashion Souls Edition


behemoth! he roooooooolssssss :sunglasses:


The Fred Durst of monsters :grin:


Wraith it’s perfect for all strats except the caira +hank+abe one


Wraith for me, I hate it when people spam decoy an run all the time so I never do, I usually abduct as a sneak attack while I’m behind the hunters it’s so much fun. I pop a decoy at a corner sneak and stealth pounce hunters when they least expect it. Never really use warp blast I always go 1 in supernova abduct and decoy each time I stage up. And I constantly get better with her she’s so much fun :slight_smile: I love a good fight.


Kraken it’s sexy and vaguely lovecraftian.


Kraken - best abilities, high damage, ranged attacks, more possibilities for escape because it can fly. Also I am able to take down good team of hunters at Stage 1 if well/skillfully played with a moment of surprise and a bit of luck (I cannot do the same with other monsters). It can also shoot projectiles when flying - additional damage.