What's your favorite Hunter for each class/Favorite Monster?

I want to know your favorite hunter for each class. Keep in mind that there is no true answer and we all have our own opinion. Mine is Slim, Cabot, Crow, Lennox

Slim, Griffin, Sunny, and Lennox

Awesome ill try that combo :smiley:

Lenny, Sunny, Maggie, and Caira.

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Seems like Lennox is a favorite

Could be the newness. Could be that she’s frakking amazing!

Probably both

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Hyde >:C
Cabot or Sunny
Any trapper really
Caira or Laz. Mostly Laz.

I already have her elite skin, I got it the same day she cam out

I think that lennox, torvald, and Hyde are the best assaults

Torvald’s in a bad place rn :frowning:

I’m excited for the new hunters maybe they will replace my current favorites -_-

Oh I was THIS close to picking Lenny up and maining her. She’s got the playstyle I need, but nothing compares to melting faces off with lovable Mr. Hyde.

Hyde is a beast

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I have elite skins for all assaults except markov

:support:Bucket :bucket:
:trapper: Maggie :maggie:
:assault: Hyde :hyde:
:medic: Slim :bug:


Nice combo


Hopefully they reveal a new hunter in today’s stream. People think it’s the trapper

By revealing the trapper it gives us hints on what the monster will be like

Let’s see… Val, Hank, Griffin, and… Man, I don’t play assault much. I’ll have to say either Hyde or Lennox. Lenny could just be the newness though.