What's your favorite food? :D


Yes, another thread asking you guys to share some stuff to the community and this time is FOOD :fries: :poultry_leg: :pizza:

Mine would be “Pechuga rellena de mofongo, envuelta con tocineta y con salsa de Guayaba” (chicken breast stuffed with mofongo and wrapped with bacon and with guava sauce)

And dessert, Tembleque, you could say that it’s a coconut pudding from Puerto Rico and it’s just amazing!

What’s your favorite food? :smiley:

An actual in-depth discussion about cheeseburgers - Current Focus; The 'Taco-Burger'

Watermelon. All day. Everyday.


Lol nice, I don’t like watermelons, they just don’t have that much flavor for me xD :watermelon:


I can never pick one food because every food gets boring to me if I eat it too often.

Top 5 would include lamb saagwala, burritos of pretty much any variety, simple sushi rolls (salmon ftw), key lime cheesecake, and maque choux from a cajun restaurant where I used to live (that is completely unlike any maque choux I’ve seen elsewhere, but that’s what they call it).

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Hmmm I love that cheesecake and I’ve never eaten sushi but I do wanna try it someday :sushi:


Chicken and mushroom pie. Sucks they don’t have them in Sweden- or atleast, not the typical English way ;_;


0_0 I have never heard of that kind of pie, sounds very interesting!


Chicken AND mushroom pie! Same pie!


If you ever go there- be sure to go to a bakery in England and get one- they’re amazing :smiley:

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Ahh lol, I read that wrong xD I though you say chicken alone, but yeah, still sounds very interesting!

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Chicken wings, Hot dogs, Burgers… There is so many food I like :sunglasses:

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@MaddCow what’s your favourite food?

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…oh,… uhm.

…Cucumbers, I guess?


Wrong! You mean cheeseburgers.


Nono, the forum debaters food of choice is the cheeseburger, as it works as such a perfect metaphor for the unique situation that the game has involving DLC content.


I think breakfast burritos are my all time favorite.


Lasagna, pizza, hot wings. Lol not really picky myself


Stop. You’re making me hungry :’(
Nerf plzz


Yuck. Mushrooms. :persevere: I’m not super picky but mushrooms are one of the foods I avoid like the plague. Gross. Yucky. Icky. :mask:


I’m a really picky eater. XD It’s a bit weird, I used to have toast with cream cheese and dunk it in leek and potato cup-a-soups.

Really, really bizzare.

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