What's Your Favorite Childhood Video Game? (Stage Two)


Bring the nostalgia back! Let’s share those awesome videogames that we really loved when we were young and that still have a special place in our hearts!

Here’s my list:

  1. Paper Mario 64 and Paper Mario A Thousand Years Door:

One of the best RPGs ever! The story, fight mechanics, the characters, the maps, everything was perfect! I remember playing it a lot with my brother, in fact, these games helped me practice my English!!

Too bad that they went downhill since Sticker Star… cries

  1. Rampage World Tour:

Lizzie is DA BEST!! Holy crap, this game was just insanely fun, especially when you played it with someone else!! Destroying buildings, eatings humans, killing aliens, you know, FUN!!

  1. Metroid Fusion:

My first and only Metroid game that I have played and man that was amazing! What I loved the most about this game is the really dark atmosphere and the boss fights!! That spider one was insane!!

  1. Mario Party 3:

My cousin and I always went to bed at 3:00 AM because of this game, it’s really one of the best experiences when you play it with other people, sadly, the new games are just bad IMO.

  1. Pokemon Stadium:

Another amazing game, I loved the fact that you could literally pick ANY pokemon that you wanted, including legendaries!! Plus those mingames were tons of fun!!

Well, that’s what I have for now. Now I really want to know what were YOUR favorite childhood videogames?

Thank you!! :bucket_salute:

Sidenote: I wrote stage two because I already made a thread similar to this one a long time ago, but since now we have tons of new people, well I want to see them share stuff with the community!


You can’t pick all the good ones!

So much time playing these two games…makes me want to go buy Pokemon Red again…



The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass on the DS

and Twilight Princess on the Wii

They are definitely not old games, I started gaming at a later stage, but are my childhood favourites





Pretty sure this is the first video game I ever played that my brothers set up for me on our Tandy:

Oh and this, California Games:

Played this a ridiculous amount of times:

And games you folks have listed up above :slight_smile:




I LOVE SUPER MONKEY BALL! And Rampage; I used to play that in arcades.

Good taste.




I completely forgot about Medal of Honor!


You guys don’t even know.

Do you know how hard it is to complete this game without a memory card? lol


World Race and Pokémon emerald have already been mentioned, so:

Those are all the ones I distinctly remember


The game I posted?


@Shunty Yep, I collected all those cars and still have the movie somewhere, never did send in all the things for that sweet racetrack though.

Wave Rippers 4 lyfe!


Even the secret car that was designed like the villains cars from the movies?


Eyyyyy destroy all monsters. <3


@Shunty Wait they released a Zed-36 car? Dang I never knew that.


I believe so.

Edit: You don’t have to tag me by the way, I know you’re replying to me.