What's Your Favorite Candy?


What are your guys favorite candy? Lets try to keep it to only 3 items and not OVER NINE-THOUSAND :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine are:

  • Mike and Ike
  • 100 Grand
  • Snickers


Oh, that choco-jelly-popping-candy chocolate stuff
And… Marshmallows. :3


Cadbury’s Creme Egg
Terry’s chocolate orange

There are more, but you said to keep it at 3. :smile:


Is that the cadbury’s Marvellous Creations one? Haven’t tried it but it looks so good. :yum:


I don’t like candy…


Cadbury Robin’s eggs. Kit Kat. Mexican chocolate.


Things like kitkats, cadbury related stuff and snickers, belong in their own category.


What are Cadbury Robin Eggs? Probably called something else here in England. :smile:


Is mayonnaise a candy?



Tiny delicious eggs of deliciousness.





They sound delicious. :smile:

Are they basically Mini Eggs then?


Mike and Ikes are all I eat.


I rarely eat candy though. Not much of a sweet tooth. I usually go for spicy things like peppers or pork skins with hot sauce.


That’s them!


I love mini eggs. The cheaper ones do taste a little weird though. Gotta stick with cadbury. :wink:


Kit Kat or Lemon Heads. : D



I’m eating Skittles right now :slight_smile:

No you can’t have any


Sour Munchkins AKA off brand sour patch kids sold at bulk barn.

Mini eggs

Clodhoppers milk chocolate version


I haven’t ate any sugar in months since I started my diet…

All this candy makes me crave it…