Whats your favorite aspect of TRS?


I’m so sad.

Sushi is my love.


Here is one piece http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-02/fukushima-radiation-has-contaminated-entire-pacific-ocean-and-its-going-get-worse

i remember hearing about it and decided to check up on it. i will dig more up.


Thanks Kathryn. This is serious business. Maybe we should make a thread on it?



Maybe not just yet, lets see what happens in the reports… I knew 3 of the 4 cores ended up going bad, and they havent contained as it seeps deeper into the earth as well.

(although one person did think thats ocean wave heights… so its a judge for yourself type thing atm… what we need to do is simply just think about the likely hood is, and its really really high.)

and a final link

“All the test results during the month of January have confirmed that the radiation
levels of sampled water were substantially below the operational targets set by
TEPCO (these operational targets are well below the density limit specified by the
Reactor Regulation). The results of these analyses were also confirmed by Japan
Chemical Analysis Center.

Thats from Japan submission reports… So give or take as well.

Results of analyses on the quality of the purified groundwater pumped from the
subdrain and groundwater drain systems at Fukushima Daiichi NPS (made available
by TEPCO prior to discharge)
(Unit: Bq/L)
Date of sampling
*Date of discharge
Analytical body
January 25
th, 2017
*Discharged on
January 30th
Cs-134 ND (0.58) ND (0.60)
Cs-137 ND (0.75) ND (0.65)
Gross β ND (2.7) ND (0.33)
H-3 770 820


Snopes is your friend http://www.snopes.com/photos/technology/fukushima.asp

As are other places.


Sorry, haven’t played that. I got my username from Budd here. He is my favorite Tarantino character.


Trs the company. They’re as transparent as they’re legally allowed to be. They’re comprised of hardworking men and women, who stress over the game but want to keep a dialogue open to find out what the community wants.

They’re not afraid to incorporate a good idea (so long as its vague, that way there’s no legal trouble). They’ll take feedback and push characters up and down with small tweaks. They’ll admit when something is broken (good or bad) and then commit to fixing it.

They’re smart, they’re dependable. They’ll go in a new direction if they need to. The most important thing is, they want it to be fun. They spent hundreds of hours on character design, personality, looks, and shaping The Crew into a true team. I couldn’t have asked for a better dev team.


Basic. Turtles. CAN. FLY. SO DOES TRS :turtle:


TRS creates a rich experience through everything they create.

They interact with their community MUCH more often than other studios. Other studios just looking to make an appealing game while ignoring the playerbase’s thoughts, and refusing to communicate with anyone.

The games are astonishing; amazing, memorable characters, balanced design, amazing, unforgettable worlds… the vast amount of work put into it really does show how much they care: tons.

Overall, TRS is an amazing, talented, caring studio who puts out amazing products, interacts with their community, and actually listens to the community’s feedback. It’s very rare to see a studio do that nowadays.


I would have to say… originality…

snorts while silently chuckling


They have transparent,which is really rare in gaming industry.They are innovative,inspiring and fresh.But what i love the most is their weakness:They are very much fallible and they are honest about it


Their passion for what they do. Which can go unappreciated by salty gamers and reviewers.


This is exactly why I love TRS, but I’ll say it with my own words, they have a gold heart for the community that I will respect. Sadly, a big part of the community ended up with a taste of hate and rejection when Evolve came out, that instead strengenth my wish to love TRS.

I admirate TRS for their care about the community compared to a LOT of other companies that focuses too much on money. TRS is very special because even if they do games for a bit of money, they also do games for the players’ amusement while they listen to their problems and suggestions. TRS isn’t perfect, no company is perfect, nothing is perfect, but TRS is IMO one of the best gaming companies I have ever known so far.

The problem with TRS however is the fact that they are always rejected by other companies because they are too kind with the community (well, this is my opinion). They have been kicked from Valve and saw their L4D game die (good thing it has a good reputation however) and now they have been banned from 2K in worse conditions than with Valve and now Evolve is currently dying (I believe it’s going to die faster than L4D sadly).

TRS is what I believe the most careful gaming company I have ever seen for its community. If someone says that TRS is “shit”, I’d call him a blind soul filled with hate that hides in its own dark room.