What's your favorite anime fight? :D


So I made a thread about people’s favorite movie fight, now I want to make one about anime fights, so please feel free to share your favorite anime fight and if you can share a video, better! :smiley:
WARNING: Most of these videos may contain spoilers,you have been warned
First,from an anime I really loved and was really surprised to see this kind of fight in it, short, but awesome

Mirai Nikki:

Ninth vs Super Murmur


Deidara vs Sasuke

Sakura and Lady Chiyo vs Sasori

Attack on Titan(spoiler ahead)

Eren vs female titan

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
Pride vs everyone

Wrath vs lots of people, just being a badass


Cell vs Gohan


I Love this fight so much. “I’m gonna kill you” that line always gives me chills.

By far still my favorite naruto fight, he showed everyone how bad ass he is :stuck_out_tongue: .

And this one just because I love how laid back shikamaru is, he speaks to my personality.

This fight was just legendary.


I had to add Lee vs Gaara, holy fuck, that fight was EPIC, I loved how he proved to everyone that he could fight Gaara and kick his ass.


I’m surprised this thread doesn’t have a bunch of posts, anime is amazing :slight_smile: .


It always starts like this, but then, it will get filled with posts( I hope) and yes, anime is amazing @_@


Does this count as a fight?




I would watch them but I’m gonna start watching the anime soon, but I bet they’re are awesome!


Altho its not a very epic fight, toriyama just showed us the new ways he can make Dragonball fights for his new series.
I’m pretty sure they will be awesome


I’m definitely going to be watching dragon ball super :smiley: .


Love that fight!, even though Lord Bills hold back lol, can’t wait for the new series!


Pretty sure its because he likes Goku.It was like training him.

I also want to watch Revival of F.Not sure when we will have it released with subs


Brock lee gara
Nuff said end of thread have a good day



I know!!! I want to watch it so bad. Kiss anime doesn’t have it yet :frowning: .


I think its not yet released but i’m also not sure when it will. Then it will be something like a month before having good subs


battle of gods got a subbed version like 5 months after release

just hope that the chinese blackmarket gets early dvd copys

the guy whos subbing kai atm said that hes gonne sub it as soon as he gets a good source


But is revival of F out?


not on the internetz


gotta wait for the dvd release


Anything from Cowboy Bebop