Whats your favorite animal?

Just for the funs. Any way mine is the wolf. (yup as well the epic Cabot)

Just as some rules to keep the thread solid.

1 No negativity toward other animals (mostly cause I or my self. I dislike Pussy Cats… What I’m a wolf.)
2 Attempt to get a cute or awesome picture of your animal.
3 Follow the rules
5 If there is anything wrong then the Mods will be summoned
6 Please keep the animals real. Please no Dragons, Unicorns, and sadly Evolve animals as well.
7 Follow the rules above and have fun.
8 You probably should re-take school cause you didn’t realize you skipped 4 :smile:


Badgers and Ant Eaters!


I think I used to have a favorite animal… But now I can’t remember it. :open_mouth:


April Fool’s!

In all seriousness, I love dogs.


Parakeets :heart:



Dragons… What? They’re out there I tell you!! They just don’t want us to see them.

If I must choose a non dragon animal it would be the cat because:
This my kitty, I love her to bits…

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Obviously the answer is the mammoth bird



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C’mere and preach about your White Tiger. :slight_smile:

My sister.

~cough~ Okay…


There you go. ^.^


My dog inwill get a picture later not home atm

Man this is a rough one and I can’t decide. Normally I would instantly say that the obvious answer for everyone is a giant animal fist. However recently I stumbled upon a think called Rabboth and it changed something inside me.

To follow the rules: Cats although both of my cats are already veterans in annoying me until they get their wishes. Sometimes they don’t have wishes other than to annoy me.

…Why did you delete the cute Trapjaw picture? :cry:

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“A liger. It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.”


Lol because I remembered ligers were awesome…

Trapjaws are pretty awesome too… They make great pets and are very good with kids and kittens xD



Love them like no other. All hail the rhino!

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Big, Fat, Fluffy Bears!
Both adorable and fierce at the same time!

Especially pugs :wink:
Am I right?