What's your favorite ability in a game?


Come on, we all have that one ability that we just want to see in every game we get, to the point that you would not buy the game if it didn’t have that special ability.

For me, it has to be the ability to deploy turrets/sentry guns or summon allies that can aid you in the battlefield. I’m that kind of player who always wants some company, someone to be with you when things get ugly or scary and the first game that satisfied me with that was Bioshock 2, with the security bot plasmid. We all know that Bioshock has a really creepy atmosphere that makes you feel defenseless and lonely, so imagine how happy I got when I knew that there was a plasmid that lets you deploy awesome security bots that follow you everywhere and shoots enemies! Man, I had a lot of fun with it!

And that, of course, explains why I love Bucket so much! :bucket_cute:

So, what’s your favorite ability? :smiley:


Ping… A million times the ability to Ping something!


Closing Rifts in Dragon Age:Inquisition. Every single time I do it I lift up my right hand, open it like my character is, then close it quick and hard while pulling it towards my chest in a fist. Love it.


The almighty ground pound/leap smash. Nothing is quite as satisfying as becoming a bolt of lightning and smashing into the ground sending scores of enemies into the air and being the only one who walks out of the crater. Sorry TRS I’m pretty sure my guardian could solo a goliath :stuck_out_tongue:


So many games to choose from, jeez. I could list some. In no particular order:
-The Portal gun is a favorite, of course.
-DeathTrap in Borderlands 2 (Gaige is da best)
-Shouting in Skyrim is a classic choice.
-Alex Mercer from the Prototype games. Just all of it. Want. Ultimate badass.
-Dragon’s Dogma has a number of really satisfying abilities. Best ones would be Arc of Deliverance and Maelstrom. Powerful and kewl.
-Devil Trigger from Devil May Cry.
-The Blue Shells from Mario Kart. (AKA “Friendship killers”)
-Anything Bayonetta does ever. She’s awesome.

I could go on with the list, but I feel like that’s enough.


Hadoken. Nuff’ said.


Chainsawing someone in gears of war
Fus Ro Dah
Maya’s phase lock in borderlands 2
Falcon Punch
Nuking Gandhi in Civ


It varies depending on the game for me! I typically have a huge bias for lightning skills, or the ability to lay traps or be stealthy, or really flashy archery skills. Epic shield skills and fire-based abilities I’ve found really enjoyable, too.

In one game I played, Wakfu, I played a gambling class that used fire element dice as their weapon. My favorite skill to use was a strong ability that launched dice at a single enemy, and if it landed a critical hit, it would “bounce off” all nearby enemies for massive damage.

This is an example of a lightning skill I had a lot of fun using in one MMO:

And a fun shield skill in another MMO:

And my new favorite ability:



The ability to see through walls a la Dishonored or Arkham Asylum/City.


guess I gotta go with the original ability

being able to attack :scream:


Melee attacks (specials) inside the Simulation in Saints Row 4. So fun… So brutal.



Hypermode, from Metroid Prime 3.


Fire. Stuff with fire usually.

That was dank.


Mid air rock throws. SO. SATISFYING. They go flying in the air even farther and it is so epic! Also I used to be obsessed with the way supernova looked, not so much anymore.


Supernova still looks so pretty to me. @w@


You know what else was dank? Getting Rage in Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.



Uppped damage and then ultimate attack :ok_hand: iz tha best


Emet’s Buoys or Replay Cannon or Hank’s Orbital. Cannon/orbital go BOOM while buoys are my specialty.

:emethealing: :hank:

If you’re talking about perks, mine would be Jump Boost. I can MLG Emet in Arena as long as the monster isn’t cheap and pounces me.


The perfect Leap Smash or Thunder Strike

Love the smash abilities


Anything involving a huge amount of force applied in a short amount of time is definitely a plus for me.