Whats your fave scary movie?


I think Event Horizons is the only recent ‘horror’ movie to still give me the creeps when I watch it. Notable recommendations/guilty pleasures: Cabin in the Woods, Hellraiser, The Ring, House on Haunted Hill (The recentish remake), Leviathan, Deep Star Six, Mothman Prophecies (Not really a horror, but a great suspense/thriller), 28 Days later. (More zombie than Horror, but pretty well done)


Nostalgia isn’t quite the right word. Hype is the one you’re looking for.


i think ur right…im half asleep lol.


I haven’t seen any of these! I’ll look and see if I can find them anywhere and watch a couple over the weekend.

I don’t like those movies at all. To be fair, I’ve only seen the third one, but it was fairly boring to me. I heard from everyone that the movies kept getting better, but if that is true, I don’t think I’d like the first or second either. I’ve heard a ton of praise come from the “it’s like it could happen to you” kind of thing, but it still seems boring to me.


its slow paced and builds up. and if you watched the third then the first two wont be as…engaging? the first one was the best because at the time you had no idea what you were watching. the previews were literally “you must watch this film” and audiences were video taped screaming thats it. idk maybe its just me or you had to be there at the time that it came out to enjoy what it really did. of course i knew it was fake all along but the set-up even had me enjoying the theatrical build up to the ending.


They were much better in theaters but I honestly only really enjoyed the first. Was much simpler and believable. Also whenever something was going to start happening there was this low building rumbling bass in theaters that just isn’t the same on a tv. I definitely disagree that the series got better as it went on.


I was there when it came out, but I always figured it would be silly and never got to watching it. I did finally watch the third one, and didn’t enjoy it. I guess maybe I should give it a chance and head back to it.

I’ll be sure to eventually watch them, then. Maybe I’ll enjoy the first one more. If not, I’ll just leave the second alone.


I love the movie “creep” set in the London underground, of the recent stuff thats been released I quite liked “the conjuring” and “the possession” was quite cool.
but my favourite classic would have to be “poltergeist” the white haired dude used to scare the hell out of me! Oh and “the evil dead 2” ash with a chainsaw arm is awesomeness!


I really don’t like horror movies, but I enjoy zombie moves… Not really scary to me but 28 Days Later may be my fav “scary movie”… Dawn of the Dead is awesome too. :smile:


I’m a bit too old and desensitized now to find any movies scary, so I’d have to think more back when I was growing up and watching horror movies without the adults finding out. I’d say Pet Semetary and The Exorcist had some scenes that unsettled me when I was younger more than any other scary films from 70’s-90’s. Tales from the Crypt was pretty scary too, haha.

I was a teenager when The Blair Witch Project came out, but that was pretty creepy watching it in the cinema… that low-budget style is done to death now but Blair Witch was pretty original back then, and the viral marketing was also very novel - lots of creepy videos on the internet, fake news articles eluding to the missing amateur film crew, etc. They really had people convinced (or my teenage self and my friends at least lol) that it was real footage found in the woods. I think it’s a great example of a scary movie that can only ever be frightening that first time you see it. The lines of truth and fiction were blurred for a short moment in time, and that to me is what makes a good ‘scary movie’.


That was one of my favorite series! Man, I wonder if it’s on Netflix. Nope. :frowning: The Demon Knight movie was good, but Bordello of Blood and Ritual were kinda dumb.

Speaking of movies that freaked you out when you were younger, Arachnophobia had me scared to turn off lamps forever…


Oh yeah, same here dude. Must have been about 7 when it came out, and watched it at a drive in cinema one summer’s night! Yeeeah my parents paid for that


Thread revival! :lazarus:

My favourite is Alien. I’ve also seen the Babadook recently and that was also a great horror film, it doesn’t show you what the Babadook really looks like in the same way that you barely see the Alien properly in the 1979 film. Worth the watch if you have the time


I love alien I may give Babadook a try


I’ve heard good things about Babadook.


I liked the Paranormal type movies just because you’re always looking at the screen trying to see what’s “out of place” or different. I wouldn’t call them particularly scary but worth watching. The storyline tries to build upon the previous movie as it goes but doesn’t really do that great of a job. For example in the first movie they mention their house burning down when they were younger. In the third one (when they were younger) the house never burns down. Things like that are inconsistent but I still enjoyed them.

The Conjuring and the newer Annabelle is pretty decent too. Annabelle has this one elevator/basement scene that was pretty creepy but I won’t spoil that for anyone.

As far as a favorite goes, I don’t know. I guess I’d go with the Paranormal series and the Insidious series.


I cuda sworn the house burns at the end of 3…either at the very end or in the credits…its been awhile tho i cnt remember.

my favorite scary movie…my issue is that i make fun of every scary movie cuz they are hilarious. i find scary games 10x more frightening. I also make haunted houses for halloween so i thrive in the element of scaring. you cant be scared if your scaring lol.

anyways the strangers was an awesome horror flick that had an AMAZING ending. i loved the act the strangers put on while pestering this family. iv imitated this a thousand times


I would love to find a legal, and safe, way to develop a chemical that causes short term amnesia, fear, paranoia and increased heart rate. I would mix this substance in with our fog machines in a haunted house. So people go in and when they come out, they are scared to death and they can’t remember why :slight_smile: To prevent lawsuits, a recorded feed would be given to each customer as they leave to show their ‘trip’ in the haunted house.


thats next level right there!!

have you heard of Mckamey manor?? you sign a waiver to allow them to maim, gag, throw and torture you in various ways in a haunting that lasts 4 hours…its in san diego.


Hmmm… That seems a bit more… hands on then I would like. But ya, I’ll have to read about it :slight_smile: