Whats your fave scary movie?


my fave scary movies are 1 silent hill 2 Halloween 3 pumkinhead
what’s yours ?



Hellraiser? Never would have guessed.

Mine is Alien :smile:


Human Centipede…'nuff said. Only film I couldn’t make it through.

No wait, I thought it was scariest movie that scared you…not favorite scary movie. Ok, well I’d have to say the “Saw” series of movies were my all time favs!

That centipede movie above…nobody should see…EVER.


I watched Human Centipede all the way through with some friends sometime last year. Wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone.

For OP though, my favorite scary movie probably has to be Alien.
For my favorite recent scary movie, it would be Woman in Black or The Conjuring. Sinister was pretty good too. So far though, I haven’t been scared like I want to be in a long time. I really enjoy thriller type movies more than hack and slashers like Chainsaw Massacre, which I didn’t really like that much. I have yet to see Oculus which I hear is good. I just really want a “pee your pants” thriller to come out that isn’t just a “here are some boobs!” scary movies, which seems to be a ton in the past couple years.


Mars Attacks freaked me out as a young one. But then as I got older: “It’s a comedy… really?”


My favorite scary movies would be Alien and Event Horizon…and for some reason an obscure movie Project Shadowchaser III comes to mind too probably because it terrified me as a kid.


I don’t care about it’s general bad rap, I liked The Ring. Also the first Paranormal Activty really scared the shit out of me in the front row when it was first in theaters. It’s tough because there’s a lot of “scary” movies I like but they’re more horror or zombie type movies than movies that actually are scary. I thought Oculus was decent earlier this year, not an academy award piece of quality but I was kind of pleasantly surprised. It’s nice when it’s not really how you expect it to go. Similar feeling about Cabin in the Woods just how it was very nontypical.

Separately from cinema: Two quick short scary things I’ve always enjoyed that were well made. Most people have probably seen them but if not they’re relevant.

Bedfellows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z6xGU2_g9s

Lights Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z6xGU2_g9s


I’m a big fan of Parasite Eve Japanese horror movie.


I love most really old scary movies. Like the ones that are so bad that they become good. One of my all time favorites of these is the original “Nightmare at 20,000 feet” where the monster is a gremlin that is actually a guy in onesie monkey pajamas and clown makeup. It is hilarious, it’s short, and it’s beautiful.


lol that picture


The Descent. I remember having nightmares about people crawling on my walls after watching that shit. The sequel was terrible though.


I really like the Child’s Play movies, something about dolls (especially killer) always are freakin’ creepy! Although Bride and Seed of Chucky weren’t really that good since they relied too much on humour rather than horror but luckily Curse of Chucky fixed all of that, and that was a brilliant movie.

I don’t know, I’m more of a comedy/horror person. xD


Alien was mentioned often enough, so i would go with Sinister or My bloody Valentine :stuck_out_tongue:


I love Pumpkinhead! Not many people have seen it, but it’s a classic.

I like all kinds of scary movies. Don’t really have a favorite and many I like have been mentioned. A couple other good ones are Dog Soldiers, Let the Right One In, and The Orphanage.


Do you know: I saw the Devil, Cold Fish or Park Chan-Wook´s Revenge Trilogy? Those are brilliant thrillers!


I am a Legend !..

Not the scariest, but definitely my favorite ^^

(if I could I would say The last of us, but it’s not really a movie…it’s better)


I love Dog Soldiers! Had forgotten about that one…best werewolf movie ever…I mean, soldier movie with werewolves just happening to be in it!

There is no Spoon…


Oh wow…I completely forgot about those movies. That first one was pretty terrifying. :worried: The others just don’t compare to the first.


my favorite scary movie as of late is the paranormal activity series. not because of the movie itself. but how they presented the movie. hiding the actors. saying it was a real tape. making people vote in order to view the movie in your town. all of that added nostolgia that made the expierence even better so by the time you are watching it your mind is fully committed to finding out what all the hype is about. and with that budget those guys are FREAKING GENIOUS.

side note: dead space series. f man Iv never been so startled!