Whats wrong with this game actually?


So guys. I like this game very much and also play it very often. But what is pretty annoying at the moment, are the things like graphic bugs, server connection lost (12), connection losing in hunters choice. It is amazing how often huge bugs destrpy this game at the moment. I must have lost more points of graphic and connection bugs in this game the last month, than the hunter team beat me. Please, please , please, fix this. I think it is about 25% of all my games that got destroeyd by any bugs. Server connection lost (12) hapens so often at the moment, I almost cant count it anymore.


Its probably your internet connection it’s been a while since I had any issues in multiplayer.


I dont think so, because in all my other games, there are no problems :frowning:


What kind of bugs are ruining your game


The game just crashes and then it appears “server connection lost (12)”. I also very often have the whole screen blinking in any colors what makes it impossible to play without getting epilepsie


Do you play on console or pc because this issues are more frequent on pc


I play on PC


Yeah that’s probably why you have so many bugs I played on both pc and ps4 I’d recommend you to start playing on consoles too it’s much less buggy


By the way is your pc a beast or its just a normal one because you know evolve is an graphic heavy based game you need a powerful pc for your game to operate at its best


the pc can handle it easily


I seem to get a lot of bugs on the PS4…


That’s wired it’s been at least two months since I had any bugs on my ps4


Not to be mean, but that doesn’t mean anything. Reason why you are able to connect to other games is entirely different because of the pathway to their servers. For the same sake it could be a server issue related to your ISP rather than the game servers.

Also, is your NAT type set to Open/Moderate? Do you have the required PORTS open? What is your region/country?
Try speedtest/pingtest to see if you are not affected in terms of download speed/upload speed/package loss.


Well in the OPs defense Evolve isn’t exactly bug free…

I’ve had a good number of issues before hand. I’ve taken a bit if a break so it’d be truthful and a lie to say I haven’t had any issues in awhile because in total playtime it’s probably not been too long ago since I had a crash or an annoying disconnect.


The game is still in aplha stage. Thats how some software companies work today.

Rainbow bug
warp blast bug
error code
freeze bug
tranferal bug

all gamebraking shit


I’m going to guess you’re on PS4? Yeah it’s a problem. I’ve been bitching about it for awhile now.

Make sure after your initial frustration thread that you provide videos of the crashes or any information that can help TRS.


Did you talked about flashes which unables you to play? I know this bug, people call this the “disco glitch”. If you want to resolve this bug, you have to update your “NVIDIA GeForce EXPERIENCE”, there’s a thread about this bug too:

And if you have some connexion problems, try to buy the optic fibre (one of the best in term of internet connexion).


But sometimes I have a bug that’s funny and frustrating at the same time it’s like you or a strider are moving but there’s no moving animation am I the only one that encounters this annoying bug?


I’ve actually run into graphical bugs a few times myself. It’s only happened to me while I hotswapped though. Earlier today our assault player fell through the map and died. While bugs don’t happen all the time for me it is still very inconvenient and annoying. Especially when you lose a ranked match relating to a bug


I play on PC too and I can confirm there’s a lot of bugs.

  • Crash during match.

  • Bug when loading the “select character” screen, the game keep going but you’re stuck in a black screen.

  • Abnormally long loadings.

Randoms and all my friends playing the game experience them too.