What's wrong with the Bots?


I decided to hop on and see what the new variations were about. Abe is an assault? Sick. Parnell as a medic? Neat-o! But I played bot matches because I am not very skilled with a mouse and kb and I don’t like to slow my team down. But the bots just kind of stood in place and got destroyed. Caira barely healed at all. The bots didn’t attempt to revive anyone. The bots were never amazing partners but they did basic stuff. Did something happen?


They’ve always been a bit dodgy and sometimes they spike in dodginess. I assume this is one of those spikes.


I guess if I want to have fun I will have to play with real people lol


Yeah the Hunter AI is not that good… and in a way that’s what led to the push to ask TRS for a Co-Op mode so we could play with intelligent teammates against Monsters of manageable difficulty. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s definitely solved a lot of my Lack-Of-Fun issues with this title. :slight_smile: