Whats wrong with Pub Hunters?


Hey guys, im a Monster Player and with wraith place 3 Pc EU, the reason why im post now here is i am Called a Abuser.

Most i am Play one stage 1 3 Warpblast Build [No im not attacking the guys on spawn] or rushing buff´s.

But after first Contact im Going to attack the hunters and most time i wipe them all out.

After the match they are most crying im a noob becurse i use the best Ability for a wraith.

But why should i make the game for these guy´s easy they know witch monster i Play?

I have only one ability to deal dmg and play these guys out and they cant loose against a stage one Monster?

Why should i take 3 Skills and deal low dmg witch is easy be outheal by Caira? Free win for Hunters?

Not with me, they can leave the game full time without big truble as monster i get a loss for this.

Now im playing somtimes Kraken with 3 in Afterschok at stage 2 and Called again its abusing WTF.

Its easy to land a Hith with afterschok after they Jetpackdoge the Lightningstrike and i dont see any abuse???

Can someone say whats wrong with this skill and playingstyle?

Sry for my bad En and Thanks for reading, see you ingame.


Pub hunters are essentially mushrooms that can hold a controller/mouse. They are far below the level of the AI and will never admit it.

They are just salty; you’ve done nothing wrong. I can’t imagine playing against them was any fun, so in essence they are doing you a favor by quitting.


It’s boring to play against warp blast wraiths as hunters. Not your fault, but not their fault either.


Sheesh, why don’t we just remove Wraith entirely? Any build is considered boring for the hunters from her.

I never have and never will consider Wraith boring to play as or against :smiley_cat:


People won’t ever be satisfied fighting Wraith until they go against a 3 point Stage 1 Supernova Wraith. Also known as the “Please Kill Me” build. That’ll be fun, right? Right?


well aftershock is abusing…

nothing against wb but aftershock is another story


Aftershock? Really? I always got the impression that it was Kraken’s throwaway ability, an easily dodgable and punishable close range that’s totally out of character.


Their response to your gameplay seems logical. They are not having fun. They must win to have fun, you see. They aren’t having their ‘fun’, so they whine and cry. They call you an ‘abuser’ and a ‘noob’, to try and get you to change your style. Do not change it. If you ever get sick of them calling you names, go try and find a different match, or play with friends (I’ve had some good times doing that).

Hope I could help! :blush:
A.G., out!


Tbh against 3 WB Stage 1 Wraith playing isnt fun, winning or not. Its just the simply Wraith->Warpblast incoming->hide until WP ready again (or any hunter making any mistake)->Warpblast again until someone’s downed.

Not that fun really. Of course not your fault that Wraith only has one really good ability- i’m using it too- but fun to play against? No thats not. Wraith should have more options then Level 3 Warpblast as for damage dealing.


In current build, 3 point Aftershock requires two full jetpack dodges in order to get out of range. If the Kraken is staying still. But…

Kraken can move at full flight speed while using it, and can increase speed even more if you use an airburst just before activating it. On most maps, in open enough areas, 3 point Aftershock is an easy win. Even at Stage 1.


Go straight up. Ever tried it? Besides, it’s too punishable and the fact that there’s no knockback means that the hunters can get an easy kill against a Aftershock-centric Kraken. Generally.


I have been meaning to, but have not had the chance to try it yet. Might not work if the Kraken stays just above the ground though.


Lol I played against a group of premeds as monster on XB1, and after realizing they were bad I just went for stage 1 wins (all monsters besides kraken). They called me a bitch after every match :slight_smile:


3 Lightning Strike
3 Aftershock.

Start off with Lightning Strike towards the medic. There goes jet fuel and shield.

Follow up with full-speed aftershock and watch them burn 2 jet boosts and then desperately try to get out of reach of the Kraken as he smolders the hunter with AS some autos and then if the hunter still is up pops another LS and laughs at the jet fuel system.

I personally dont go 3 aftershock before stage 3. But it is a win-win situation to use LS and then follow it up with AS. Especially now that it destroys deployables.


Thats a funny joke. You have a longer distance to go up against a hovering aftershock then trying to outrun it. Only sunny will get you that high, particularily in time for ability not to go off on you.


lol… what a thread. you may be good with wraith but you are still a ragequitter… once you cannot win you leave games. thats the top leaderboards behavior. and oc you are going for dmg buff or abilities cooldown. i played many games against you.


I dunno what you’re talking about I love wraiths that will attack you, the ones I don’t like are rush to stage 3 decoy and never engage even in arena wraiths. those are boring.


I dislike the ones that keep running most (I wouldn’t say rushing because they take forever to get to stage 3 unless you actually stop chasing them), but there’s no enjoyment to being warp blasted and severe upper cutted around the place with not an ounce of control over what’s going on.


Best way to fight wraith


actually its way more fun to sit at relay and throw gobi out at cut offs on a small map and have them freaked out the whole time and you’re not even chasing them +^+