What's wrong with offline play?


To be perfectly honest, I’m a noob. Yes, I enjoy Evolve but I don’t like playing online because I always feel embarrassed when I do badly. So, I have to ask this question. Why do you only allow a certain amount of XP offline? Just seems unneeded.


The problem that evolve stage 2 has at the moment is that it’s not very friendly to new players as it has no character-specific tutorials. I think they are looking into this and working on a new way to introduce new players to the game.

To answer your question: everyone would go on offline play and cheese-grind all the elite and prime skins, which tbh should only be rewarded to those who have earned it by playing online.

I’d say give it a little time until they make the new tutorials. I’f you are embarrassed of your playstyle, try monster :smiley:
Or simply don’t give up, practice makes perfect!


That makes sense.


To add to this: Beating bots (who are known for their stupidity) isn’t nearly as grand a feat as beating actual human beings such as yourself. As such, the reward is less. In this way, graduating to online play is more like a promotion than anything else.


It’s normal to be a noob, but eventually you’ll start getting the hang of it, we all do. If you plan to get some XP offline and then go online, then I think you won’t be having a good experience. Regarding your question, well, there’s a huge difference in difficulty when you play against humans and AI, AI compared to humans are super easy and it would be unfair if you receive the same amount of XP than someone who plays against humans.

Take Overwatch for example, they have an Vs AI mode and you receive very little XP because it’s really not that difficult. Of course, as a newbie, people will find the AI to be very difficult, but like our friend above said, you just need to keep trying! :slight_smile:


The solo games are hosted on your pc instead of one of their servers. They limit the points to prevent players from using hacks to farm silver keys without actually playing, since they have no way to monitor actual play hosted on your pc. It is an anti exploit measure.

They do need to offer some additional solo content. They have said they are looking at a coop mode, which I think is a good idea. There are players that prefer coop to pvp.


The devs have said the problem is not grinding, it’s cheating. If you’re playing offline you’re not connected to a server, and they can’t run dedicated servers for people to play solo on. So there is a space in that whole communication (between telling the servers that you’re starting to play, and that you’ve finished playing with a result) for you to effectively forge a false result. You could, in theory, keep telling the servers you are playing and winning and they’d keep awarding you experience and keys.

So they give people the benefit of the doubt and award some, but cap it so that it can’t be cheated. There’s really no way around this unfortunately, but they are looking in to making a co-op queue again so that you can play with other people against a bot and that would be on a server so would not get capped.