Whats up with Wraith decoy now


Is it me or is the decoy now attacking people 3 times in 5 seconds time span? Normally it attacked once per 2 seconds or so, now it takes down players so quick. You don’t even need OP Warp Blast.

@MacMan can you check this one out as well? Seems to be different than pre patch.


Do you have video? Or screen shots it makes it easier for them to fix.


it was always this way


I think that simply picking wraith should be a start, send your decoy and wait for it. I never had trouble with avoiding decoy, it could get 1 hit in, but 3? I mean cmon, no skill ability killing people on it’s own… ?


thats why everyone was complaining about the dmg of decoy


If it kills people, those people didn’t know how to use the jetpack or were caught in a terrible situation, in which case the Monster deserves the damage/strikes. :slight_smile:


You think Decoy is bad?

Ever caught someone at a bad time with a Novacoy?

Saw it shred a full Assault and his Shield like it was melted butter being sliced by a butter knife forged from the fire gods…

Keep in mind the butter was already half melted.


it’s OP as he** that’s what! It lasts forever and hit you even if you jetpack. Can’t stand the decoy either cause people spam it. Takes no skill, and takes the fun out of the game.


Decoy isn’t that great, they need to learn to dodge…