Whats up with the Zoomed/Scoped mouse sensitivity!?


So I’ve been playing Evolve since the new Stage 2 update rolled out! I haven’t really played Evolve in what feels like forever but I’m glad to be back… But there’s just one thing bugging me and I am unsure if it always was like this but whenever I scope in with anything the zoom sensitivity is awfully low… :confused:

I do play with a quite low sensitivity to begin with so whenever I scope in with Val’s sniper for example I need to throw my arm like I am trying to punch someone for it to make any movement at all… Like people in my vicinity is actually asking me what the beep I’m doing… :grinning:

But yeah I am almost sure it wasn’t this bad before the update… Or maybe I’m just making things up here since it do was quite a while ago I played it! It’s not you know impossible to play with since Evolve isn’t exactly an aiming game but it’s still annoying and I’m to old to be throwing around my arm around like I’m trying to break it so yeah my suggestion after all my blabbering is to make another slider for us to be able to tweak the zoomed/scoped sensitivity!

Honestly I think all games should have this by default, I can’t imagine It would be that hard to implement such a feature in game as a slider… OR at least let us have a config to tweak that in cause I’m used to having to do that in all modern games anyway! :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look into it.