Whats up with the new half hour long download?


Why add more on top of the predownload instead of letting it be preloaded as well? could at least make it not a half hours worth of content. Not sure if it was 2k’s decision or not but come on lol


Are you referring to the unpacking? B/c that’s normal for a lot of Pre-loaded games. The files are there, just unencrypting. That’s determined by your machine, as well, in regards to how long it takes to finish.

Though I did here murmors about a 3gig patch, as well. That was likely the changes from Beta tests, when the game was already shipped, but data was still being collected (2mil+ matches was a hell of a sample, too O.o)


yeah its the unpack, never had to unpack a pre-load from steam. First time I’ve run into it