What's up with that damage multiplier?


I was playing Parnell with Cabot on the team, just using the rocket launcher, when I encountered this 1.5x multiplier. I have no idea if thats a bug or something intended that I dont understand, so could somebody explain please?

Edit: So here is a video, where it is more obvious that the Rocket launcher gets a 1.5 multiplier.

So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately

Yeah, that’s a Monster with DR as it’s perk. Never seen it?


Yes I did, and in these cases it was 1.8 not 1.5.


Hmmm, maybe it was taking in limb damage?


That’s what I thought. Damage amp plus limb damage.


Pretty sure it is limb damage. In most cases, damage multipliers are additive (the exception being lennox/cabot and blitz markov/cabot). In this case you have a +1x damage modifier added to a -0.5x damage modifier, resulting in 1+1-0.5 = 1.5x total damage.

This is why you can get super weird numbers with damage reduction perks and elite Torvald weak points. Those are a nightmare to calculate on top of damage amp and extremity damage.


This was my thought.


Dont I see only my own damage modifiers? I never noticed seeing a 2.0x when somebody else lands a headshot.


Nope- You see the teams multipliers.

Never played a non-assault, and seen the 4x from lennox slamming into the monster?


Ehh no, I’ve actually never paid attention to it but didn’t think the damage multiplier tab would show for the damage that other Hunters inflict.

Even so, the screenshot shows that @Sepiablitz was the only one dealing damage because the recent damage taken indicator on the Monster’s health bar is entirely white.


Good observation, I didnt notice it. So it is a bug?
Besides that, the only other bullet damage would come from Maggie, as the medic was Caira.
Amped Bullet of her with a 1.5 mulitplier would be 30 damage which we should be able to see.
It maybe worth mentioning, that this happend multiple times during that game, not just once.

@white_hawke8 Maybe you are interested in some testing about this. Like
Does it always happen with an amped Rocket Launcher?
Is it just the multiplier or is the actual damage affected?

Edit: So here is a video, where it is more obvious that the Rocket launcher gets a 1.5 multiplier.


@LordDeath Maybe you can bring some clarification into this?