What's up with only the XBONE on the commercials?


We’ve clearly got PC and PS4 versions of the game as well.


xBone funds the commercials and is trying to push the game for their console. They want to be #1. Just look at how they get all DLC content earlier than other consoles, and get to keep their beta progress.



And? They’re not the only one with the game.


No, but they ARE funding 2k games quite a lot. More than the other console presidents are. Microderp is so needy that they might not allow xbox consoles to get Evolve unless X is given to them.


Does it matter? Anyone who games has heard of Evolve.


Haha, it reminds me of a trailer for Dragon Age. It was 15 seconds, 9 of those seconds was of an Xbox logo. All of the youtube comments “I can’t tell if this advertising Dragon Age on Xbox or just Xbox.” lol


Same happened with destiny for ps4. It’s just marketing.


Watch_Dogs, also, at least here in Australia. I think it’s just a case of which of the two guys throws the most money at a company for the marketing bump.


You misspelled “soft”.


It’s like everyone ignored the ps4 Destiny thing lol. For goodness sake they still use it for their system commercials.



argh 10 characters


This happened with far cry 4, it said only on play station… But I have it on pc. WHAT GAME AM I PLAYING!!!


I spelled it right. Microderp. I AM putting in “soft” in there. Autocorrect just fixes my error.



Honestly, this is just more potential $ for TRS so why not, right?


Everybody complains about this and just conveniently ignores the Destiny Ps4 commercials which are STILL on tv occasionally and are fequently included in the little montage commercials


Xbone ads will make people interested in the game. Who cares it’s just for that system. It’s not like TRS is playing for these ads.


You may need a new phone then… Or a better sense of humor.


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