What's up with Hunters nowdays?

I’ve recently started playing Evolve again, when I play monster I slaughter the hunters , I only lost 1 game to a team of pros (one of them was a former tournament champ apparently, he had a twitch link in his name and his stream said he’s a former champ) when I play hunter we get slaughtered, every single time.

Did all the experienced people abandon the game and only a trickle of new players left or what?

It’s because the game left on a bad note where the Monsters are OP everytime


The game is pretty balanced, players THINK that the monsters are OP, but they’re wrong.
The Kraken, the Elder Kraken and the Wraith are all three considered less efficient than the other monsters.


I’ve been absolutely owning face with the Elder Kraken

I’m experiencing the game to be completely one sided. The monster just dominates, weather I play it or I play against it it’s just a one sided stomp.

This is not a balance complaint, I’m more suggesting that the hunters are noobs en masse. Last game our assault wandered off alone and my teammates domed the monster without him.


That’s the current issue with the game, you’ll find yourself with unexperimented players around 60% of the time.

The “”"""“problem”"""""" with the game is that playing Hunters requires teamwork and coordination. Nobody can 1v1 a monster, but nobody really thinks about that and all of them try.

In short, yes, the majority of players are noobs. But Monster is a lot easier to use than working on a team with strangers. So the monsters usually do better than the hunters that are doing little more than fumbling around.


Put your platform, and if you are on PC, then put which version of evolve. A lot of the people on the forums that say Kelder isn’t OP are on PC playing stage 2.

I’m on PC playing stage 2… are there any other versions?

Yes. Console received a huge over-buff to Kelder, and it was never fixed due to working on stage 2 for PC.


Elder Kraken. Kind of like behemoth is Bob.


Right, thanks for that.

Simply put. Run with a premade. I rarely play anything other than Monster, and when I do I have at least 2 other players with me that I know, and they know what they’re supposed to do.

While they’re all important, the Medic is easily the one you want an experienced player in hands down. They’re the center of the team, next to the Support. They heal the team. If an incompetent player is in that position, you can expect the team to fall apart. Rapidly.

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I had the impression that both Assault and Trapper are the most important…I had trappers that wouldn’t scan, and if the trapper sux we won’t find the monster.

But the most important seems to be Assault. If Assault dies, it’s over. If Assault doesn’t DPS the monster will be able to do whatever, and without Assault he has a ton more damage than we do, thus the medic and supp can’t out-heal him for long enough for us to chew into his HP.

No. I’ve been able to down a monster or at least keep the team up long enough as a Med after the Assault goes down/dies to dish out damage to the HP of a monster. I can’t tell you how infuriating it is to have a player who can’t properly play Val let alone EMET.

An example comes to mind a little while ago, my group and I were playing a comp with EMET/Bucket. The medic failed spectacularly to spam his heal burst when the recharge was popped, which lead to unnecessary downs. What should have been an easy match was one of those “by the skin of our teeth” kind of matches.

Like I said, while they’re all important; Assault for Damage, Trapper for tracking, the core of the team is the Med/Support. Those two more often than not keep the team up long enough to drag out the dome to deal HP damage. If they go down, you can expect the team to follow suit pretty soon after that.

Med is always the most important
If Med is dead, all damage to hunters is permanent unless they have health regen (which is slower than a medic).
Assault dead? Less damage, but there is still damage
Trapper dead? Bit harder to find monster. Not impossible, takes map knowledge though.
Support dead? Less shields and/or damage and boosts.

Medic dead? Everyone is slowly dying because they can’t heal.

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My 2018 evolve experience in 1 image:

Assault 1v1s the monster, didn’t even use shield. The monster wiped us in stage 1

I stopped playing the monster for two reasons, my hunters are low level and it’s unfair for the players to get whiped by a lvl 40 monster.

I stopped playing monster because it’s too easy

Btw the reason why I value assault so high is because he has the majority of the hunters’ dmg, therefore he’s the one who puts pressure on the monster. Without Assault the monster can just go ham

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Med is the most important but it’s not like release where support could just pick up the slack nowadays hank’s damage is pretty anemic along with all the other supports except for Kala. Like at release Hank was easily like 3/4 of an assault in damage but now trappers might deal more damage